Austin, TX, to Denali in AK

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    Jul 5, 2009
    Austin, tx
    I have utilized this forum in preparation for my trip so I wanted to give my thanks. It helped from planning my route, to finding a couple places to stay (thanks guys), to knowing which gear to purchase. All the ride reports and incredible stories have kept me focused. It took a lot of financial and time commitment to make this trip possible.

    A friend and I are leaving August 1st (maybe a day or two earlier depending on work schedule) and will have up until Sept 4th to get up there and back (11k miles including back roads). My friend's brother lives in southern Alaska and I have a few friends in Portland ,New Mexico, California, and a couple in Canada that make the trip easier/more enjoyable. Otherwise we'll be sleeping under the stars. We are going through a couple of my favorite parts in CO (boulder and telluride), then to yellowstone (first time), glacier park, to mt mckinley; should be a hell of a ride.

    I'll post pictures when I get back. Keep the rubber side down fellow adventurers. If you guys are on look me up-same screen name all over the net.
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    Aug 11, 2008
    only a steamship can get to these mountains.
    let me know if you pass thru Steamboat,Co. before 8/11. plenty of space to setup a tent. i will be heading to bellingham, wa to get on the ferry (8/14) to haines, ak. a friend and i will be touring ak and then making the journey home. good luck and god speed. br