Bachelor weekend road trip

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    So, as time is ticking down to the wedding there is one last important thing to do. We are still about a month out from the wedding and two weeks out from the bachelor party weekend so it will be a while before this report is finished but I wanted to get it started just in case some of the inmates here have any good ideas to add.

    Some of us are happy sitting in the saddle all day while others start to get cranky at about the 2 hour mark so there will be plenty of stops along the way to check out the areas along the way.

    The players
    Me (the groom) - Triumph Sprint ST
    Dave - The best man. We have been friends since high school and all through college. - Triumph Sprint GT
    Chris - Guy I met on the side of the road 7 years ago and we have been friends since - Mazdaspeed 3 support vehicle
    Steve - Works with Chris and has been a good friend over the last few years. - Suzuki SVF650

    The Route -
    Starting in Wilmington DE on Friday morning.
    The first stop will be shady maple smorgasbord because nothing makes a weekend of riding more enjoyable than a gut full of greasy food.
    From there we will be making our way up to Centralia PA to check out the pits of hell.
    The stop for the night is one of the campgrounds around Pine Creek Gorge. We wont be staying in the state park itself because the frown on drinking so that's out. Maybe I'll post the campsite name once I get it just in case anyone wants to stop by and swap stories and have a beer.

    Saturday will be a day trip up to Bradford PA to tour the Zippo factory and hopefully pickup the engraved lighters for my wedding party. There are also so entertaining roadside attractions up in that area so we may hit some of those as well.

    Sunday will be a run from the Gorge back to DE with a quick stop at Cabela's for lunch and shopping for more camping gear that none of us "need".