Baja in One Week? Baja Riding Partner Wanted!

Discussion in 'Americas' started by Elibaba, Nov 23, 2017.

  1. Elibaba

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    Nov 22, 2017
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    Ok guys, thank you so far for all your input.

    Since the trip is coming up soon, I was wondering if anyone could recommend me a motorcycle insurance for Mexico. I guess it is mandatory. Or should I just ask the guy from my US insurance? Any special document I need to bring besides registration and proof of insurance?

    Thank you.
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    Feb 10, 2013
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    Your proof of insurance is only valid in US.

    For Mexico, you can buy MC or auto insurance right at the border on US side (gas station and money exchange store east of CA 94) from Tecate. We did this last month for auto, so about $16 per day.

    Most previous years for motorcycle, I have used Baja Bound with online purchase; bajabound. A good website and company.

    Yes, Tricepilot's Primer to Mexican Riding is a good read.
  4. Motomantra

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    Beaverton, OR I got mine on line with this guy. No affiliation, just some research.
    Mexico does not recognize US insurance, so it's a must have.
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    I'm also in Salt Lake City.. I've been down the Baja peninsula once on a motorcycle.. 2014 a few of us rode KTM 990's down to Bay of Conception. We mostly followed the race course a few days before the Baja 1000 began, then spectated the race above San Francisquito. We camped every night. 11 nights.. We crossed over to the Pacific side just south of BOC.. I wanted to get down as far a Loretto, in my opinion it started getting really amazing at San Francisquito, and by the time you get to the Bay of Conception.. you will be blown away.

    I always leave town around xmas and have been considering Baja this year. None of my riding buddies here can pull it off. However, I too would want to ride mostly dirt.. and as others will warn.. there is a lot of sand.. sometimes DEEP sand.. on a loaded big bike, its a handful for any rider. but simply awesome. I would suggest going out to our dunes (little sahara or delle) and riding sand for a couple days.

    I also own a Honda 450x, that I bought for the purpose of doing Baja in 2015.. The trip fell apart.. The bike is ready to go. I'm not a great navigator, since im not that good with GPS kit on my phone or other methods. I like paper maps. A buddy had the route all laid out for us.. NICE! For those of you considering a Baja trip.. I'd be grateful if you keep me in mind for a wildcard. I'm not into rushing down and back.. I have a flexible life. I'm 42 years old and a seasoned Deseret rider.
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    Hope this isn’t considered jumping someone’s thread, if it is my apologies tell me and I will start my own!

    I am planning on heading down from Colorado to ride Baja around the 21st or 22nd of December. Plan was to go solo and ride almost all dirt, but I would be open to partnering up if anyone is interested . I ride a plated KLX300 certainly not geared for super slab.:ricky
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    Remember it's winter in Baja and can get real cold, we were there for christmas in 1986 and had to wear our down jackets at Bahia Concepcion, also if you get to La Paz and Cabo watch out there have been 409 murders in both places in the first 10 monhs of 2017, unheard of in the past

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    It snowed on us one Xmas on the pass from Ensenada to San Felipe