balancing carbs

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    yes I know , there are lots of ways, short the plugs, the 4 dollar stick, and all that stuff
    years back I used the "short the plugs method" then I moved up to the home made 4 dollar stick, then I got a twin max, a step up or back, up to debate
    and asking this question is like asking, what oil to use.......what tire to use.......which battery...yadda yadda

    but in my olden days, I have relied on a twin max ,yet I still have a "4 dollar stick" hanging in my shop
    today I did a full service adn got ethecarbs as good as my my meter says
    at both idle and about 2500

    yet a few years ago there was a real nice write up on balancing carbs with a twin max, or the likes like carb mate or something electronic
    it was a real nice write up going step by step, sync cables, etc etc. and in my olden age, its nice to review things now and then as "old timers" creeps in

    yes I know , its really not that difficult.....and I probaballly could not get em any better......but still....... does.anyone know that link to that write up

    thanks reference to an R80 with bings
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    The factory manuals for German vehicles all read very much the same for carb/s adjustments for idle and mix. Develop your skill with sound and feel and that is quite good enough for all cases. If you every get a chance to put a CO meter in the exhaust, confirm what's what for sure. That is the prefered method, but the sound/feel procedure is also given as factory approved.
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    I recently upped the size of my idle jets on my R90/6. This has improved both idle and return to idle after high speed runs. My bike used to have a creeping idle. It was really nerve wracking that after some highway sprints I had to turn down both idles but next day when warming up the cold engine the idle was too slow and had to turn them up. Stock idle jets on my R90 were 45. I put in 50s and see a big improvement.

    Idle jets don't come in just any number you may want. Next size up for my bike was 50 from the stock 45. Nothing in between that.