Bandit 1200s vs Weestrom?

Discussion in 'Road Warriors' started by elementalg20, Feb 12, 2012.

  1. corndog67

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    Jan 24, 2006
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    I had a Bandit 1200S. It was a good bike. And Dale Walker, Holeshot Engineering, gets an honest 121hp at the wheel with just a jetkit and a pipe. Very respectable. You might also consider a ZRX1200, my brother had one at the same time as my Bandit, and that ZRX would flat stomp my Bandit in any kind of a roll on, 80 lb ft of torque will do that for you, and my Bandit had a jet kit and pipe on it, although it wasn't Dale Walkers stuff. I found out later about his parts. He is the Bandit guy.

    Never had a Wee Strom. I sort of like big bike stomp. I'd buy another Bandit though, a very strong, basic bike. And they are getting pretty cheap.
  2. BobB

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    May 16, 2009
    Here's a 'local' Iowa opinion: buy the DL650. I've had four Harley's (last two were '06 and '09 'Glides), a Buell Ulysses, and several four cylinder Hondas and Suzukis, and a Yamaha Virago. My two primary bikes now are a C10 Concours and the DL650A. For passenger comfort my wife has found the DL and C10 more to her liking than any of my prior bikes (of which there have been lots...). I must admit the Concours is fun, fast(er), better wind protection but, it is more risky to my license and it has carbs...which I came to despise after having to remove my old CB900 carbs several times.

    The V-Strom just works well for everything I want and need it to do, at least after adding luggage, rox risers, sargent seat, madstad, cee bailey windshield, and a fork brace :norton . It's fast enough, light weight, reliable, my wife likes it, and did I say inexpensive to buy and easy on gas? I'm extremely happy with the Strom.

    I haven't had a Bandit but I've come to appreciate more comfort (for me and my wife) and wind protection than it would offer.
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    I've had both (Not a 1200 but a 1250) and I like the Bandit better. It is heavier, but the Strom carries its weight much higher. Also, I found the Strom seemed slower in turn in- longer wheel base maybe. Lastly, the Bandit is not as badly affected by strong prairie winds. This last was is a biggie for me. Both returned about 50mpg (Imperial, eh!).
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    I bought a Bandit 1200 in 1996 and kept it for 5 years or so. I ended up running some Pirelli MT60 (??) tires for it and swapped out the rear shock, spacers in the fork springs etc. Dirt bike handlebars and one more tooth on the countershaft to soften that low gear snappiness. It did help. I rode that bike on the forestry trunk roads in Alberta, it seemed to like gravel. The bike was fun and i think I used to get about 300 kms per tank. :deal
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    Well, I just have to post here :lol3

    Haven't owned a Strom, but the Bandit is a blast. I know the op has made his mind up, but these bikes are two different bikes. The Strom is a nice comfortable bike. The bandit is a sport bike made more comfortable and with budget parts. I put a hole shot header exhaust, 5 degree timing advance, jetted the carbs, gsxr 1100 intake cam, modified the air box, 1 tooth down on the front sprocket, and then stripped all the weight I could off of it. Damn. Bone stock it did the eighth mile in 7.1 at 105mph, and it was much faster after the mods.

    Did San Diego to Santa Barbara on it and it sucked, but twist the throttle on it and holy shit. I have since got into dual sporting and have considered selling it, but everytime I ride it I change my mind.

    I don't want to attack the Strom, but from briefly riding one the biggest difference to me was that the Strom could eat miles in any conditions and the bandit has soul. I'm amazed I haven't lost my life or license on it
  6. McB

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    Apr 8, 2005
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    You won't go wrong with either. That said, you're buying used, and if you buy right (and why wouldn't you?) either one will get you your money back if you change your mind in 3 or 6 or 18 months. I've had 3 Stroms, now on a KLR, for no good reason other than I thought it would be fun to own one (and it cheap). But if I did any two-up at all, I'd have stayed with the Strom.

    I love me some Bandits, though, and look at them every time I buy something. Like a freight train that has its own rails.
  7. Cat0020

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    May 1, 2002
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    Used Bandit 1200s are the best bang for your buck, used Wee or VStroms are usually over-priced.

    Tons of performance mods available for the carb'd Bandit, and they are easy to work on. EFI on the Wee/VStrom, not so easy to mod.

    Maintenance wise, Bandit engine/carbs are rock solid, time tested combination since the late 70's. EFI may give the feeling of trouble-free, but in reality who knows after another decade.

    Dual 17" wheels on Bandits allow lots of options for tires, 19x17" tires on the Wee/VStrom llimit your choices.