BaseCamp 4.0.2 Update Available - WIN

Discussion in 'Mapping & Navigation' started by bighopper, Oct 3, 2012.

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    Oct 28, 2011
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    Just installed Basecamp 4.0.2, a bunch of fixes. That might help with some of your issues of late.
  2. Emoto

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    Thanks for mentioning this! Am updating now. :thumb

    The list of fixes:

    • Added smoothing of speed and heart rate graphs.
    • Improved Track Join inside of an Adventure
    • Change to not show the "Filter Results" option in the find results if there are no results to filter.
    • Fixed layout not being remembered properly between application runs.
    • Fixed layout being different after exiting from Adventure playback.
    • Fixed an issue with the "References" tab page not being properly updated when changing selection.
    • Fixed an issue with route shaping point info being lost when erasing points from a route.
    • Fixed an issue with track color being changed when tracks are filtered.
    • Fixed an issue with not updating the summary in the route dialog when points are unselected.
    • Fixed some issues with login and re-login for MyGarmin services
    • Fixed doing an undo while drawing a route ending the route. Now only the last via point is removed.
    • Fixed an issue when importing photos with invalid time EXIF data.
    • Fixed text messages from Basestation devices being repeatedly notified
    • Fixed an issue with route join
    • Fixed an issue with the route divide tool
    • Fixed an issue with duplicating routes
    • Fixed an issue with adding waypoints into routes in an Adventure
    • Fixed an issue with line breaks being repeatedly added to GPX files
    • Fixed an issue with click & drag on the map hiding properties dialog
    • Fixed an issue with importing KML or KMZ files that had downloadable content.
    • Fixed an issue with creating a waypoint via the map context menu when a list folder is selected
    • Fixed an issue where the waypoint ordering was not updated when changing the main track in an Adventure
    • Fixed an issue when clicking on the 'X' to remove a tag from the References tab page.
    • Fixed an issue when changing map detail level before putting focus into the map views.
    • Fixed an issue where the creation date of a photo waypoint didn't match the creation date of the photo's EXIF data
    • Fixed an issue with waypoints sometimes not being shown on the map
    • Fixed an issue with some card products not being recognized. Unfortunately this requires re-indexing all card products.
    • Fixed various other customer reported issues