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Discussion in 'Mapping & Navigation' started by 1200gsceej, Nov 11, 2013.

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    I have not seen a location/thread dedicated to links for BaseCamp information and help so I am starting this one.

    Here are some that I have found and use:

    GPS Tracklog
    POI Factory - BaseCamp Videos for Beginners (may be the same ones in the Delphi forum)

    Delphi Forums
    Garmin Forums
    Zumo Forums

    WikiSpaces (information written by inmates)
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    I first introduced these videos to the POI Factory, a great forum for GPS information... then shared with couple other forums that I read and member.

    Many of the Garmin videos assume you already know the basics of BaseCamp and move rapidly...these are certainly non-professional slow paced...but that is the intend...beginners moving from Mapsource to BaseCamp or first time users of BaseCamp without any MapSource knowledge.

    After some interest we started the Delphi Learn Garmin BaseCamp ..with these videos...the only intend was for the beginner to get over the learning curve. Baby steps to learning to walk with to speak.

    More experienced users may find them boring...but the intend was for beginners.

    Today, we have several very knowledgeable folks helping with Mac, tracks and more advanced lessons... It's learning experience for all... and yes we pick up some great information from visitors.

    Thanks for sharing the link....