basecamp with new handsets

Discussion in 'Mapping & Navigation' started by davsato, Feb 10, 2013.

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    ok, so i get a new LM garmin for christmas, ditch the zumo400.
    ok so mapsource is out and ive got to use basecamp.
    get used to it, its the future, man

    basecamp and the new unit are supposed to be so easy to use, idiot proof, blah blah blah

    you can make something too idiot proof you know, you could also make it easier for people who want to do more than punch in a zip code and click on "GO"

    so ive more or less figured out making a route with various waypoints in basecamp, ive figured out sending that to the unit, and even found the route in the ridiculous place garmin think you want it (in apps? really?)
    my question is, when you open the route and start it, it asks where the next destination is and puts a list of the waypoints up. even though i am starting at waypoint 1/home/start whatever you want to call it. whats that about then? do i start at where i already am? if i start at the next waypoint will it go to that one and then backtrack to #1?

    i went from a brick to a smartphone and figured it out in five minutes, garmin should send their menu programmers to nokia or samsung to learn the word 'intuitive'