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    Apr 6, 2011
    Who can help me with some general battery knowledge?

    I have got 3 different bikes (KTM SE, 300 & 530) and 4 different battery's. Who can help me with the following questions;
    - At which voltage are these batery's dead and can't be recharged anymore?
    - What's the difference between Amp and Voltage?
    - Can all these different battery's be used on all bikes or what do you have to take into account?
    - What's the difference between Lithium Ion (SuperB) battery and a standard Yuasa battery?

    All other knowledge is also more than welcome, thanks!
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    You have to consider starting current and physical size.

    The 530 battery will start the 300 and fit in the 300 if you buy the $4 battery carrier.

    The 300 battery will start the 530 but it is a struggle.

    The 300 and 530 batteries will not start the SE.

    The SE battery will start the 530 and the 300 but is too large to fit in the airbox and too heavy to lug around.