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    Not sure this is the right place to post, but here goes anyway.

    I bought a Scorpion sYT12CL AGM battery from Battery Stuff a year and a half ago. Over the winter, I had it on a 12V charger from NAPA. At the beginning of this season, the battery was dead!
    I called up Battery Stuff. They recommended the Battery MINDer 12v Battery Charger Maintainer Conditioner BM1500 thinking my battery was sulfated.

    To be safe, I ordered the BM1500 and a new battery.

    I had the old battery on the BM1500 for 2-3 days, and it was as new. Really. I left it off the charger for 1 week...started up a new first time. This was a bout a month ago Since then my old battery has been perfect.

    So I emailed BatteryStuff, explained my situation, and asked them if I could return the unused battery I had bought. They were okay with that. I returned the battery and got my full refund to my credit card without any hassle whatsoever.
    So the purpose of this post is two fold:

    1. The BM1500 has spared me the cost and hassle of fitting a new battery. I definitely recommend this product for battery maintenance.
    2. Recommend for their excellent service and advising me on a product that has worked perfectly.
    If anyone from BatteryStuff reads this...thank you guys. I will always come to you for anything battery related, and I will recommend you to anyone I can.
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    I give a thumbs up to battery stuff also!

    I bought a odyssey pc925L for my RZR. when the battery came, it was marked pc925.

    I need the L model for the terminal orientation. I was not happy and emailed Battery Stuff right away.

    I received a call from them the next morning asking if I wanted the replacement sent to the same address.

    I said yes, and the battery was sent that day without any extra charges with a return label for the first one.

    The batteries were dropped shipped, so Battery Stuff didn't directly make the mistake but, they owned it exceeded my expectations in fixing it.

    So, when it came time to convert my toy hauler to 6 volts, I bought the Trojan golf cart batteries through them.