BC Event: “Feast Tofino” Dirty Moto X Gourmet Ride - May 26th, 2013

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    The folks of Tofino Tourism are thrown their third Dirty Moto X Gourmet on May 26th, 2013 for those who might be interested. It's a cool day ride that should be suitable to dualsport and adventure sorts. The Feast event itself is a pretty good reason to spend a couple days in the area, as is the adventure riding around Tofino - lots of dualsport and adventure friendly logging roads with spectacular scenery to be had.
    I'm hoping to go if the surgeon says I'm OK to ride by then.

    From our OWD blurb on the event:

    Dirty Moto X Gourmet is part of the third annual Feast Tofino, a month-long series of culinary events celebrating the region’s boat-to-table cuisine. The May 26th ride and lunch combines Tofino’s two groups of hardcores, dirtbikers and chefs, for a uniquely adventurous take on the “picnic” with a day of back road dirt biking, followed by a wild gourmet BBQ in the forest. Dirty Moto X Gourmet is also a uniquely exclusive outing, with a mere 5-10 spots remaining.

    Those interested in attending Dirty Moto X Gourmet should contact:
    Mike Jacobsen
    p: 1-250-725-3353
    e: mikej@shelterrestaurant.com

    For those who need all the sordid details OWD or Feast has 'em.
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    Hi Neal,
    It looks like the dates conflict with the Orca Run...