Beaches, Volcanoes, Snow and Desert - Oregon

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    Mar 15, 2010
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    The worst part of having too many hobbies is*how to divide ones attention to
    them. A good weekend in the PacNw*can cause quite a conundrum. Hike? Not yet,
    there is still too much snow in the mountains. Should I climb?*I suppose so, I
    am*in dire need of some conditioning in preparing for the summers adventures,
    but who wants to "post hole" and carry a pack. Kayak? Yes, another great
    choice... but then I'd have to load the boats, pick a place*and then there
    is*the motorcycle. Motorbike trip? Hmmm. it*has been a very wet and cool winter.
    The mountain passes are just beginning to open up.*I*always want to tour the
    Oregon Coast on my*bike, but the mountains... what to do? Oh yes, I can ride
    the*Oregon Coast to Newport*or Florence and cut over to central Oregon and
    enjoy*some snow covered volcanoes. Yes, my friends, this was the plan. The
    weather called for overcast skies, but no rain. Maybe I'd get lucky and
    catch*some sun. It was a*wonderful 3 days of riding along the ocean through the
    mountains and out*on the high desert and even some unexpected rain..
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