Bergen Sport Center on rt46

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  1. Tammy

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    Dec 7, 2007
    Jim Thorpe, PA
    Stopped by today for a filter and they are cleaning it out. Ramsey Sports Center on rt17 is gone to.
  2. lulo

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    Apr 27, 2009
    its been a while actually, early december if im not wrong, rumor is the place was missmanaged, techs came to work on saturday and at lunch time they were informed to start cleaning their tools because they were shutting down right then and there...they just closed that day and left a message on their answering machine for the rest of their clients, all their equipment auction was a week ago.

    place up in mahwah gave everybody couple weeks notice that they were shutting down, i would think it had to do a lot w location, very easy to drive by and not notice them.

    in the case of bergen for the most part i would believe poor customer service and lack of want to make any profit had a lot to do with makes no sense having people coming in willing to spend but not wanting to compromise a little bit, little steady profit is better than no profit.

    in specific w bergen i can recall one instance 1 1/2 ago where they had a used 07 fz1 on floor for 6500, buddy of mine walked in there w 5900 cash and they wouldnt do it.....the bike sat there for a little over a year before it sold, bike had been traded in at like 4500......makes no sense