Best deal on GPS and or maps...

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    I'm getting sick of paper maps and I'd like to be able to track where the F i've been on the motorcycle. :lol3

    Short of a smart phone, what is a good GPS to get?

    I'm a dual sport guy and I'd like to be able to make a good map for a group ride.

    I see I'm looking in the wrong spot. I can't nuke this ??
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    The Montana looks like it might be the one but they seem to be pretty complicated too
    I have a Zumo 450 which I like very much and it improved the quality of my rides. It’s a discontinued model though.
    Recently I had it break down and Garmin would not fix it. I was eventually able to fix it but in-between I bought a Zumo 220 as a replacement.
    Compared to my 450 the 220 was a big disappointment. Still useful though.
    IMO a GPS does not replace a good paper map. But it’s true, I do not use a paper map too often any longer. Generally it more for the big picture.
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    A good dual sport gps would be a garmin can make your tracks in basecamp or mapsource and load them in to the gps.If you watch the west marine website you can get a 76cx for $150 + shipping.But you have to buy the city maps off of the garmin website for it+ram mount + power cable.the 76cx has a removable sdram card.The garmin website lets you compare features of different units.