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Discussion in 'Trials' started by 9balljoe, Jan 29, 2006.

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    Jun 16, 2006
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    If you want a real modern trial with a seat (and extra gas) go with the Ossa Explorer. I have a 2012 Ossa TR280i and one of my friend have a Ossa Explorer. It's the same frame and same engine as my TR280 but with seat and extra gas tank. You can do everything a modern trial can do.

    Check this video of the Ossa Explorer:

  2. SUPer FunK

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    Jan 26, 2008
    The explorer is a stunning bike and a great concept!!!
    But i'm afraid, 2-smokes are not the best choice when it comes to long-ish trips.
    Also, it costs 1k euro more than the Borile Multiuso.

    @ Adrian, the Multiuso is not a concept bike, it's ready to be bought and Borile has already sold a few.
    At the moment he's struggling with the orders, because he wasn't expecting so much interest and also because of the last earthquakes in Italy, that caused a hard life to the parts productors.
    It is not a "racing" bike, like it could be the Explorer, but has some very interesting solutions...
    like this:


    It's a twin shock, stolen from downhill mtb. Lighter than a single motorbike shock, evoluted enough (push bikes' components have a big research), cheaper in case you have to replace them.
    The petrol tank is not small, it's 5,5 liters included the 1liter of reserve.. and added with the 30 to 38 km/liter i think it's enough.
    There's also the option to have it with 17' and 19' wheels instead of 18' and 21'... but who cares???

    Some more pics for you.

    That's the exhaust... nicely hidden.
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    We own one of these. They make terrible street bikes. They make terrible trail bikes. But they make excellent extreme single track bikes. I used ours to follow the upper class riders around their loop during our local events.

    My biggest complaints are the reduced steering lock compared to real trials bikes (because of the "big" gas tank) and the sloppy, inconsistent cable-operated clutch. Fortunately, if you are in the right gear, they'll chug over just about anything.

    And a definite +1 on the flimsy rear fender. I cut a bunch of excess plastic off the license bracket because the plate was getting chewed up by the rear tire on G-outs.