Beta Bikes?

Discussion in 'Trials' started by BajaBlake, Apr 23, 2013.

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    Feb 24, 2012
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    I saw a Beta 50 cc enduro bike on craigslist and now I'm curious about the brand.

    I thought some of the trials guys might know more.
    What is the purpose of a 50 cc enduro? I get that it's light but is there something else I should know about that fireball KTM 50cc engine?

    Their bikes look fun and I've been thinking of down?grading (cc-wise) to a trials bike (I noticed a Beta dealer is around) to bop around as a funny daily ride. I'm used to riding funny small bikes street legally and in the regular lane of travel if you're wondering.

  2. Sting32

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    Now you know, I'm just speculating, never seen the bike...

    Id have to see such a link. I am not interested in buying, but unless it from the 60's then it about has to be a childrens enduro bike, along the lines of the 80cc yamaha's. IT is wierd, because gasgas made a trials bike with 80cc engine that was as big as the 250's and 300's at that time, just dinky engine. Unknown why that was, except maybe since big tires go over rocks and easier to buy new rubber for?

    Also note, i have constantly read, that in many countries in the UK, they get taxed per cubic centimeters (aka cc's) plus the law is, that nobody under 18 is allowed to ride anything bigger than a 125.
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    Sting is right, it's to comply with the graduated license criteria in many Euro countries. They have similar restrictions in Japan and Taiwan.
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    Here is one example of a Beta 50cc enduro.