Beware the New Basecamp Revision!

Discussion in 'GPS 101 - Which GPS For Me' started by Canuman, Jul 15, 2013.

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    Jun 21, 2008
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    As per Garmin's history, every other revision is proving problematic. Last night, I downloaded the 4.2.1 revision (or rather, the software did so for me without asking. I've since fixed that.) At the same time, my Windows 7 was updating (GAH! Garmin, please port Basecamp to Linux!) I'd be wholly Linux-oriented except for the mapping software. Qlandkarte for Linux is very good, as is Viking, but I cannot tolerate downloading maps with my dodgy internet connection.

    Well, when things got done several reboots later, Basecamp claimed that my Microsoft.NET files were corrupt, and I should re-install them. No, cousin, we're not going there. I deleted the 4.2.1 install and popped in the 4.1.1 that I had in inventory. Everything's back to normal.

    Why can't Garmin get things right? There's very little wrong with the hardware. It's excellent. The software is a pile of doggie-doo, and the Byzantine map protection scheme is berserk. I shouldn't have to use four hacks to make a set of Garmin maps I legitimately purchased work with Garmin software.

    Shall we camp outside the corporate offices and throw rocks until someone listens? For me, reliable GPS navigation is not a luxury. It's a necessity. I often ride alone into places with no cell coverage, and few other amenities. If I can't rely on the instruments, I could be screwed.