Big Bend on '58 R26

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    Jun 30, 2007
    Dear inmates:
    I’m taking a 1,200 mile ride on my ’58 R26 next October.

    The schedule will be like this:

    Saturday October 1 / 116 miles

    From Vanderpool to Del Rio
Go 337 thru Leakey to Camp wood, south on 55 and turn right on FM334, into Brackettville and then head west on 90 to Del Rio.
    Sunday October 2 / 203 miles

    Del Rio to Alpine.
Ice cream stop at Judge Roy Bean’s in Langtry, lunch and gas up in Sanderson.
    Monday October 3 / 120 miles

    Alpine to Balmorhea
Breakfast in Alpine then to Fort Davis and up to the McDonald Observatory for a roll-down, backtrack to Fort Davis for lunch then continue on scenic TX-17 through Wild Rose Pass to Balmorhea.
    Tuesday October 4 / 160 miles

    Balmorhea to Marfa
Ride scenic TX-17 back to Fort Davis, then ride the Davis Mountain Loop , back to Ft Davis for lunch and continue on to Marfa.
    Wednesday October 5 / 110 miles

    Marfa to Lajitas
Down through the Shafter ghost town to Presidio for lunch then ride River Road 170 to Lajitas.
    Thursday October 6 / 100 miles

    Lajitas to The Chisos Basin.
Ride the Big Bend Park and then up to the Basin.
    Friday October 7 / 80 miles

    Chisos Basin to Marathon.
    Saturday October 8 / 300 miles

    Marathon to Vanderpool.

    Question for you all.
    Yesterday I took Zenaida, that’s the name of my R26, for a test run, with and without the oil type air filter. (I used a GPS to measure the speed). It run a little faster and accelerated easier without the filter. I’m thinking on stuffing a paper filter inside the air box. Do you have any suggestions?

    I thought Zenaida was in good running condition, but is a bit too slow.
    The engine and gearbox were recently overhauled (200 kms).
    I can barely do 58 mph down hill and with tail wind!

    For what I read in other blogs, I should be making at least 68 mph.
    What should be the normal speed for a R26?
    I checked the final drive ratio, is 4.16 and the stamped number on the gearbox is 25/6.

    I haven’t checked the flywheel revolution versus the rotation of the gearbox output flange but, could this be the issue?
    Any ideas and/or suggestions are welcome!


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    Dec 20, 2010
    San Miguel de Allende, Mexico
    If you're going on Alan Johncock's ride that doesn't look very British to me. :rofl