Big Pine Flat Trail Ride - Photo/Video Slide Show

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    Big Pine Flat Trail

    Location: San Bernadino National Forest, near Big Bear Lake. California
    Trail Mileage: 25 miles
    Top Elevation: 7,600 feet

    This trail is the easiest and funiest trail I have ever had; (just in few out of my total trail experiences.. ^^;)
    Very nice road conditions, hard graded dirt road are most of them.
    There are some deep sandy and loosed gravel parts on the road, at the Crap Flat Road where Big Pine Flat road meets.
    Just few (couple) of miles long at those conditions, and many OHV's are on those sections. (Traffic at the mountain trail !!!)
    At the entrance, I saw this trail does not permit those OHV and green stickers.
    I was wonder why?
    That section isn't the Big Pine Flat Trail, but Crap Flat Road.
    It is little bit easy to be lost the directions if not careful to follow the road.
    Thre are WEB of trails around.

    Some couple of small streams crossing... ha ha ha, I did first time water over riding at this trail.
    It's very short length, but looks just a bit deeper for me.
    So, I found very shallow edge and successfully crossed without wetting the my feet.

    Very nice sceneries and clean air quality..
    Bright sunny weather helped my happy and fun trial riding.

    Here is some photo and short video slide show at the trail.
    I tried to put mainly for road sceneries only in the trail riding to share.
    All the saddle time videos are from newly acquired Kodak ZX3 Play Sport (water proof, budget pocket type).
    And camera is mounted on my chest by camel-pack shoulder straps; recording is triggered by remote control while riding.
    IMHO, quality isn't that bad (actually good enough) for this budget camera. ^^;

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