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Discussion in 'Thumpers' started by Sp4Mike, May 3, 2012.

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    I've heard that CA bikes after '04 model are the ones that get plates revoked, only place I've heard of that.

    I'm in highly fascist MA and haven't had any problems. Though I did have to buy a bike that was plated in a state where it can be done. Mine was plated in Montana and made its way to MA, to my good fortune. Many other states allow you to plate dirt bikes too. About half the XR650R's I see for sale are advertised as street legal, and most of those have the Baja Designs Dual Sport Kit, which is a good kit. Although if night riding, lighting and stator upgrade recommended.

    EDIT: Anyway, why I like the bike so much, only 300 lbs, liquid cooled, beefy aluminum frame, desert racing champ level suspension, no heavy electric start. BTW it has two (auto&manual) decompression systems, that make it very easy to start, I often start mine in slippers while sitting on the seat, it's that easy to kick over.
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    "Money doesn't matter" and "Im very wealthy" are two different things. The money doesn't matter because there are only a couple bikes out of my price range. But buying two bikes is probably out of my price range. And then I would have to pick two bikes from the tons of options out there.

    Buying two used bikes doesn't help either. Also, 80% street and 20% dirt means I couldn't justify a 'real' dirtbike, let alone a trailer to haul it, a place to store two bikes and trailer, etc. If I was going to buy a dirt only type bike, I would probably get a Rokon if that is any indication of the type of off-roading I like to do.

    What about the TW 200? It gets pretty good mileage, and with a sprocket change will go 70-75mph. If it helps, I think only a very small portion of my riding would be on an interstate. If I was going far I would click the "avoid freeways" box on mapquest.
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    My tw200 will do 70 mph, eventually, and that is after a sprocket change.
    50 to 60 mph is what it likes.

    It will go through almost anything in the dirt though.
    I do not rate it as a good bike on the street.
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