Billet Roll Chart Holder and Mounts

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    My name is Dave and I am the owner of Billet Innovations. I own a CNC machine shop in Florida and have been making motorcycle parts for many years. I have been an avid motorcycle rider since the age of 7 and have alway modified my bikes to higher standards. Some of you may know me as the guy who sells the number clamps on E-bay or the triple trees for Vintage MX, and some may know about my Bultaco Pursang Pipes.

    In 2007 I started making parts for KTM's and other Dual Sport Bikes. Recently our shop designed and manufactured a Billet Roll Chart Holder and a variety of mounting hardware for most applications. We asked "Swampy" (the founding father of Dixie Dual Sport in the SE) to evaluate it. He put it on the dixie dual sport forum as the official rollchart of the dixie dual sport. ( I have had an overwhelming response since advertising the Roll Chart in Cycle News and on our website. We also market the Roll Chart and mounting hardware through Sicass Racing. If you have not checked out Sicass Racing, it is worth your while. They manufacture high quality wiring harnesses that are truly plug and play and dual sport kits for a wide variety of bikes. Visit them at

    We currently have Riser/Handlebar Clamps for Scotts and GPR Steering Stabilizers and are working on several other items for KTM's. We will have a new Billet Jumbo Foot Peg for all KTM models on the market by mid July. These items will be added to our website after testing is complete. Visit us at or call us M-TH 8am-5pm est @ 321-724-0744.
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    I just ordered one of your Billet Innovation's Roll Chart Holders in preparation for this year's LA-B2V Dualsport Ride in November Hopefully it will work better than the plastic Moose Racing product I've been using for the past three years. I'll do a product write-up after the ride and post it here with some pics.
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    So, how did it work?

    I am looking at the ride this year...