BiLT Gear?

Discussion in 'Equipment' started by hooligan, Jan 25, 2013.

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    I recently got a pair of Storm overpants - on sale 1/2 price at $89, alleged to be waterproof, but due to some common complaints (zippers getting stuck, clunky fit) I was really reluctant. I agree, you should never go cheap on gear, but it's my first pair so what do I know. I figure with CG's return policy, and Bilt's 5 yr warrantee, I might as well try them out, even if it's until I find a better pair. Can't attest to the waterproof'edness, but they did keep me really cozy on a long, cold ride. They won't be my last pair of overpants, and they will help me know what to look for in my next. I'll probably keep them, and get another pair when it warms up.

    I did, OTOH, get a Tourmaster 3/4 jacket on close-out that I am very happy with. Not the same 5-year warrantee, but same return policy did apply.

    I heard someone say most of their stuff was better than nothing. It ain't Aerostitch or Olympia for sure, but the price to value ratio is great, IMO.

    - Shane
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    They had a display at the Cleveland M/C show. I was there yesterday. Right next to them were Arai and Shoei displays.
    I'd think a rider would have to be crazy to use a BILT lid after having all three in their hands at the same time. The BILT stuff feels and looks like it's made for Toys 'R Us.
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    Lol if its built for kids I want one. If it can handle being bounced down a flight of stairs with a head in it that's the bucket for me. Screw dot that's the test I want!:rofl
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    From another board....tried BiLT because they were on sale. Person ended up going back to their Cortech Scarab's.

    BiLT, $40 on sale, on the left, Cortech, $85ish, on the right