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    Sep 17, 2006
    Raleigh, NC
    I hate to admit this, but I really enjoy riding on the interstate. There, I've admitted it, I'm out of the closet now. I wonder if my friends will still ride with me.

    I live in Raleigh, NC. The state has some great roads, but most of them are a couple hunded miles west of me. My mother lives in Asheville, NC, right in the middle of them all. Last Wed I decided it was a good day to blow off work and have lunch with mom. I-40 makes that an easy, if somewhat boring trip. After lunch I headed north on I-26 into Tennesse. That is actually a beautiful ride even if it is superslab.

    When I got close to Johnson City, TN, I got off the interstate and onto highway 173. There is nothing at all interstatey about 173. It's a twisty mountian road that runs through the woods and by several streams. That lead to highway 67, which I followed up to Shady Valley, TN. Shady Valley has great roads. On the weekends you can find a huge number of bikes hanging out at the country store and making runs up and down 421. For example:


    But I wasn't there on a weekend. I was there on a Wed. So instead of that crowd, there were 3 guys sitting on the porch:


    They were a friendly bunch, which made up for their lack of numbers. They were really impressed that I had ridden 350 miles to get there, and I was planning on riding back that evening. The phase "hard core" was used to describe me, which made me feel good after all the interstate riding. :D

    They were locals, and gave me some directions to my next destination, Tazewell, VA. There were some roads near Tazewell which appeard to be a wet dream to ride:


    How could that not be fun. :wings

    From Shady Valley, I take 133 to Damascus and hop on 91 which takes me up to I-81, where I head north. I make it to Marion, VA and take an exit into town. My intention is to take 16, which looks like a good road in itself, up to Tazewell. I miss the turn for 16 and end up back at an exit for I-81. At this point it's 5:00 pm and getting dark. I realize that by the time I get to that fantastically curvy road, it's going to be pitch black. That would suck. So I just get back on I-81 and keep going.

    Western Virginia is very beautiful country. Even from the interstate the views are great, and the setting sun only made them more interesting. At some point I-77 joins I-81 and they run together. So for a few miles I was on both 81 North and 77 South. Go figure.

    I stopped in Wytheville, VA for dinner, and when I got back on the bike it was completly dark. I rode the rest of the way home on 77/74/40. Got home about 9:00 pm with an extra 600 miles on the bike.
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    The route looks good on the map.. let's the ride pics :thumb

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    Hi Nance, I'll still ride with you every chance I get but I gotta say ... the slab blows :D