BMU Wednesday Ride 1/9/2010 Cataract Dam NSW

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    Everyone is welcome to join us for the ride

    Meet: Blaxland McDonalds, GWH, BLAXLAND, NSW for a 9.00am Start
    Ride Leader: Ross and Noel
    Ride Report/Videos: Eric and Franz

    Wednesday, 8th September 2010

    Cataract Dam NSW

    The weather forecast for today was minimum of 4°C in the west increasing to 20°C. I had spoken to Noel H on Tuesday night, he informed me that he would be riding on Wednesday so I thought you beauty we will have a decent ride leader, so I can fit in the middle somewhere to enjoy the day's ride, because when you are ride leader it does put a certain amount of pressure on you I don't think you are concentrating as much as you should because you are thinking about the other riders to make sure that you do not lose any or make a mistake to put someone in danger, because you do have a duty of care.

    I left home at 8.10am heading up the M4 to McDonalds at Blaxland, topping up with fuel at the top of the mountain. I arrived at McDonalds at about 8.40am and there were already a few riders there. We had a couple of Ulyssians that I had not met before. Ross was there with his friend Terry, there was also another new face Ed. Noel was there, he had recovered from this cold but he didn't look his usual sparkling self. So I said to Noel, where are we going, the reply was. I don't know, so there was a little bit of a discussion and it was decided that we would go to Cataract Dam, riding through Wallacia, The Oaks, Thirlmere where we would stop for morning tea and do a big loop to come back around through Bargo, Tahmoor around the back roads then to Appin where we would turn right onto Appin Road to make our way into Cataract Dam for lunch.

    Ross would lead the ride followed by Terry, Tom, Noel, Ed, Alan, myself, John McC would be tail end charlie. Malcolm rang me out at 8.50am find out where we were going as he would be a late starter due to tradies, next thing I know he arrived in his car to inform us that he would meet us at the lunch stop. So away we went at 9.00am heading down the Lapstone Hill onto Mulgoa Road winding our way out through Wallacia, Silverdale and around through The Oaks towards Burragorang Lookout. At Oakdale we would turn left and continue on around to Thirlmere for morning tea. It was a little bit chilly on the way to Thirlmere, most of the ride was of the same conditions just did not get to the temperature the weather bureau had forecast but it was very pleasant riding along. You can smell all the different flowers that were in bloom, the smells that we do take for granted are exquisite but you don't miss it until it's not there, also the country side just looks fantastic. Wattle, Plum Trees, all sorts of flowers, shrubs and a large array of wild flowers, Australian natives in bloom, what a sight for the budding gardener.

    We had morning tea sitting in the sun at Thirlmere was really pleasant also warming, everybody seemed to be in good spirits, we then headed off towards Bargo to make our way round through the back roads on to Appin, then continuing on to Cataract Dam, arriving at the dam at about midday. We were one rider short, Ed A had turned off at Thirlmere to get fuel, he was not aware of the fact that we would be getting fuel at Picton, so we had now lost one rider. We had lunch in the sun that was very pleasant, then making a shortstop at the dam wall, looking at the level of the dam it was still 4m from the top, we have been here before this was probably the highest I have seen the water level in this dam, although Ross Pearson said he had seen the water overflowing at this site. The dam was built in 1908 for a cost of 429 pounds, have you any idea of what it would cost today.

    Ross and Terry would be leaving us on the way home as they had commitments. Malcolm did ring to inform us that he could not make it so Noel would lead the ride home. We would go back through Appin, through Douglas Park then out to The Oaks where we would stop for afternoon tea. On the way back near Picton Tom would also leave us, so we're now down to four riders, we arrived at The Oaks to have a coffee, Alan continued on home, I think he could smell his home brew as he was fairly close now, we had coffee said our goodbyes and thank you for a great ride.

    As I said it was a little bit on the chilly side, the weather stayed fine for us as they had forecast a possible late shower, we had a great day as usual. The camaraderie is exceptional, if you are reading this report, if you are not riding with us on a Wednesday you do not know what you are missing, you only have one life so make the most of it while you can.

    Regards Eric B

    Map Link,150.6414275+to:The+Oaks,+New+South+Wales+to:Thirlmere,+New+South+Wales+to:Bargo,+New+South+Wales+to:Appin,+New+South+Wales+to:Unknown+road+to:Appin,+New+South+Wales+to:Douglas+Park,+New+South+Wales+to:The+Oaks,+New+South+Wales+to:-33.9146,150.59911+to:Blaxland,+New+South+Wales&geocode=Fe0U_f0dYyz6CA%3BFTNH-_0dE5v6CCk_BG-2p4sSazG2n0AODOfzIA%3BFTcH-P0dToj5CCnjDAP-M1YSazEwAGmV6dT3IA%3BFUgW9v0dXoj5CCkVK3C7OFUSazGVF_cCymxRzA%3BFd3I9P0dh6v5CCmVjQRvpgATazFQtv7-_5pcLg%3BFcUi9v0dl9X8CCnncrkobeMSazH1ChA42jPqPA%3BFREn9f0dPhj9CA%3BFcUi9v0dl9X8CCnncrkobeMSazH1ChA42jPqPA%3BFaCF9v0dwrX7CClZBaxhXPwSazHOb6_lQJc73Q%3BFTcH-P0dToj5CCnjDAP-M1YSazEwAGmV6dT3IA%3BFRiB-v0dxvX5CCmPh1ZpQvUSazEe3x-6HR38QQ%3BFXka_f0dnCD6CCnr-vkSbYgSazG8m32U3ZCtow&hl=en&mra=ls&via=1,10&sll=-34.004858,151.067505&sspn=1.174864,2.469177&ie=UTF8&z=10

    I am unable to find my photos of the last visit to the dam, so I have included this link which has some interesting information and photos
    Regards Franz (BMBEN)