BMU WEDNESDAY RIDE 27/10/2010 St Albans, NSW

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    Everyone is welcome to join us for the ride

    Meet: Blaxland McDonalds, GWH, BLAXLAND, NSW for a 9.00am Start
    Ride Leader: Noel H
    Ride Report, Photos, Map: Eric and Franz

    Wednesday, 27th October 2010

    St Albans NSW

    The weather conditions were forecast that it would reach 25°C in the west with the chance of a thunderstorm with rain late in the afternoon from the south.

    I awoke at my usual time, packed lunch, looked out the window to blue sky everywhere so I decided that it would be a good day to go for a ride and take the chance on the weather forecast. I left home and 8.00am and heading up to the Great Western Highway, then I realized that I had left my wallet behind so I had to turn back. I really did not need any money. I knew the boys would have plenty that they could lend me but I thought I'd better get it because I needed my driver's license, consequently that did put me behind a little bit. I arrived at about 8.30am at McDonalds Blaxland, from here you could see some dark clouds forming way out in the west so I asked Noel where would we be going today, his comments were, I don't really want to go for a big ride today as the weather looks like it will get real nasty this afternoon, so we decided that we would be going to St Albans. We would have morning tea at the service station near the Sackville Ferry then from their head down to St Albans where we would have lunch.

    We left at 9.00am following Noel H, who was the ride leader, then Les W, myself, Peter M, Richard M, John McC and Alan S would be tail end charlie. We headed up the Great Western Highway where we turned left at Springwood to head down the Hawkesbury Valley Road. Just as we were going through Blaxland at the top of the hill in the school zone there were two highway patrol officers with speed cameras working in the 40k speed limit. We knew they were there before we left because Paul S had told us they were working there, we would turn left at Agnes Banks then onto Richmond, then to Windsor and making our way down to the service station just before the Sackville Ferry where we would have morning tea. When we got to Agnes Banks we had a full contingent of riders. Noel was continuing on to go through Richmond so he stopped to make sure that everybody was with us. We had pulled to the side of the road, there was John McC, myself, Richard M, Noel H. John went back to see if he could find three lost riders, thinking that one of them might have broken down. I suppose he was gone for 20 minutes while we waited on the side of the road. John could not find them so he came back and we continued on. What they had actually done was turned left at Crowley's Lane then turned right into Yarramundi Lane, then into North Richmond turning right into Terrace Road up to Freemans Reach, making their way to the service station. We arrived about 10.30am to find the terrible three were there finishing up their morning tea so now we had our full contingent of riders again. There was a little bit of heckling regarding the loss of three riders. I won’t mention who they were, you will have to work that out for yourself.

    We caught the ferry across then made our way up to Wisemans Ferry Road where we continued on making our way down to Webs Creek Ferry where we would cross that arriving at St Albans at about midday. We sat outside the St Albans Tavern having lunch you could still see some big thunderous cumulus clouds rolling around. I said to Noel what time do you think it will hit, he said about 3.00pm. I said I reckon about 3.30pm so we finished lunch. We would say our goodbyes as a couple of us would be going home a different way not stopping for afternoon tea.

    Heading back to the ferry. I stopped to take a photo of the old church that is being renovated.


    Back up the hill onto Wisemans Ferry Road making their way to North Richmond to have afternoon tea. There were a couple of us that turned off before then. I went a slightly different way to Windsor and at the intersection of Macquarie Street and Richmond Road Noel was directly opposite me just to my right. I thought to myself I should go with them for afternoon tea because what am I going to do when I get home apart from clean my bike as it was only early in the afternoon, but when I looked to the southwest you could really see some ominous black clouds that looked like they were going to drop heaps of water on us. I decided I would head for home.

    I arrived home at about 2.45pm and it was starting to thunder. I thought just as well I did not stop for afternoon tea, and then exactly 3.00pm down came the rain. I had done 211km for the day's ride. We had another great day. I rang Peter later on that evening to find out if he had gotten wet and he informed me that he had put on his wet weather gear at the bottom of Hawkesbury Road, all he had got on the way home was a couple sprinkles so we were all lucky The ride that Noel had picked was a really good choice due to the weather conditions, well done ride leader.

    Well this will be my last ride report for three months as I am going on holidays to England. I will be away for Christmas so I would like to take the opportunity now to wish you all a Merry Xmas a prosperous new year, good health and ride safe.
    Regards Eric B