BMW Models and Slashes.

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    With aircraft you have the "first" designation such as C-130 and then you will have changes after that model that denotes the "new" aircraft such as the C-130A. My uncle died last week and I remembered his having worked on IIRC the C-133. According to him the C-133 had so many problems they were constantly making changes/upgrades to the aircraft and actually ran through the entire alphabet! I have never verified that story but don't doubt it since the aircraft was not in service long like the C-130 that is still flying today.

    Did BMW do the same thing with the dashes? A search turned up nothing for me. Is there a resource on all of these? How important are they for someone interested in finding their first cheap Airhead that will ridden commuter style and not babied?
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    I agree, Duane's site is a good place to start.

    Airheads are good sturdy bikes but parts can be expensive. Like that suggested, /5 is a good starting point. Blow off the R50s and R60s though unless you want to stay on low roads only. /6s and /7s are good too but in my opinion a little more junked up. The later the bike, the less interesting I find it. If you need wind protection, get an aftermarket windshield. While those fairings BMW came out with on the later bikes look good, they make the bikes harder to work on.

    Yes, I have my favorite years and models but with the right treatment (read, ride the crap out of it) an R75/5 or R75/6 will be smooth, peppy, get good gas milage and happily run all day long at 95mph.