BMW Navigator VI Firmware 4.90

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    Use Garmin Express to get it.

    It fixes all the issues I had.

    Change History
    Changes made from version 4.70 to 4.90:

    • Allow the media player to be accessed on all motorcycles, including models with a radio (GT, GTL, GTLE, RT)
    • Added the option to erase all personal user data from device
    • Allow the streaming of album cover art
    • Fixed issue with Indexing music from certain iOS devices
    • Fixed freeze caused by connection to certain iOS devices
    • Fixed issue where the Automatic Skip Waypoint feature would skip all remaining points in a route
    • Fixed issue where Smartphone Link! would not reconnect after a quick power cycle of the motorcycle
    • Fixed an issue where the use of Pandora or Spotify triggered the BMW Motorrad Communication system to go into intercom mode
    • Improved call quality when communication with iOS devices
    • Improved Round Trip routing behavior with Toll Road avoidances
    • Improved Automatic display brightness when the Navigator is installed on compatible motorcycles
    • Improved Bluetooth connection
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    The Automatic Skip Waypoint feature was in direct response to an issue I raised with them. Will have to test it on the road, but in Simulation mode it seems better. Not exactly as they describe it in the Changes Log - it would skip all Shaping Points between my location and the next Waypoint.

    What I hope it now does is when I go "off route", it auto-recalculates to the next nearest shaping or waypoint in the route direction from where I am, whichever is closest from where I am. Before it would ignore the Shaping Points and take me directly to the next Waypoint (which could be hours away if it was the lunch stop and I just got lost getting out of the parking lot of my hotel at the beginning of the ride). The idea being that if we go "off route" with "auto-recalculate" ON, the Navigator will find the route from the auto-recalculate position to the next nearest Shaping Point or Waypoint in the original planned Route, based on the Navigation setting preferences. This would be the best and quickest way to get back on to the originally planned route.

    The Automatically Skip Waypoints feature, I thought, was to activate a "smart" feature whereby if the Navigator "sees" the rider has continued past a planned WAYPOINT it would not try to turn them around in order to ride over the top of the WAYPOINT, and automatically skip it and continue the route.

    Has anyone seen the difference this "fix" has caused and if it does what I'm suggesting it should do above?