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    Mar 27, 2006
    Some bodypanels of My CPI Hussar are broken. Now I try fix it.
    Panels from ABS-plast. This material is impossible fix with epoxy or polyester.
    First i heated cracks with soldering iron and "welded" together from both sides.

    I thinked only welding its not enought hard -
    drilled small holes around the welding and sew it up with wire.
    In sewing time heated wire with soldering iron to go inside plastic.



    After cooling I cutted welding smooth.


    I think its hard enought.
    Now its waiting filler, sandpaper and paint.

    Mabe somebody advises better fixing solution?
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    May 17, 2004
    What I've always done to repair cracked or broken ABS involved a dremel tool and a piece of ABS rod that will fit in it.
    • Basically I start by drilling a small hole at the end of the crack to prevent it from spreading.
    • Then I clean the surface with sandpaper to make sure there is no paint in the repair area.
    • I take the dremel tool and grinder and grind a small valley on both sides of the fairing along the crack.
    • After that I put the ABS rod into my Dremel tool and crank it up to full speed. Oh, don't have too much sticking out of the end of the Dremel or you'll get some ABS rod shooting across your garage (Ummm, from what I'm told of course :D )
    • Then I hold the Dremel like a pencil and push the rod against the crack, ending just past the hole I drilled.
    • I let one side cool and then do the other side.
    • After everything is done I sand it down and do whatever to prep and paint.
    This method has worked for me every time EXCEPT when I tried to take a shortcut and only do one side. That time it lasted about 4 months and the crack re-surfaced.

    Oh, and I practiced on scrap plastic. If you have a cycle bone-yard around you should be able to get a piece or two to work with.

    Looks like what you have done will work just fine though. :thumb
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    Dec 26, 2004
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    Reminds me of the old Mattel Spinwelders...
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    God, I miss my Spinwelder...:cry


    Seriously, the soldering iron method works well - Good Job, Oldmoped!

    What you are lacking to make the joint strong is filler material. Plastic welding requires melting both sides of the joint and adding molten filler material so all three flow together. A soldering iron with a big tip (or a welding kit from Urethane Supply) will do the job well. The Urethane upply kit has filler rods for many different plastics and even a video to show you how to do the job. It looks like you got it figured out though!