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    Mar 20, 2011
    Hey Folks,

    From Costa Rica to Colombia, I have been lucky enough to share the ride with a heap of experienced and clued in riders who have made the border crossings much less painful than they could have been.


    From Sep 1, I`ll be riding alone and I have 5 weeks to make it from Quito, Ecuador to Santiago, Chile. To make that type of distance and still enjoy the trip, I am going to need to take the main roads and direct routes often unfortunately. I am looking for any advice on which border crossings to take that maybe both easier and still reasonably direct.

    If it helps, I`ll be going from Ecuador to Peru, Peru to Bolivia and then on to Northern Chile. I will probably only be able to do the Northwest of Bolivia and head almost straight into Chile.

    Hope you can help and thanks in advance if you can!

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    The border crossings are fairly easy from now on. Nothing like the clusterfucks you had in Central America. The only one that is kind of a pain in the ass is Chile - they will search your bike for food or agricultural products. They are a bit too much and act like they are some kind of Island. But really thats about it. Everything is pretty much on the up and up in South America....

    Stop by our shop here in Quito if you want some route advice or if you need anything.

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    You could make it from Quito to Santiago in 5 DAYS if you really wanted to! But enjoy yourself!

    There's not much in northwestern Bolivia to see. At least exit thru southwestern Bolivia, and enter Chile that way. Or better yet go down thru southern Bolivia, cross into Argentina and go to Salta, then over the pass to San Pedro de Atacama and down to the Chilean coast.