brake light help?

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  1. cas.vanderwoude

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    Nov 26, 2012
    I've cross-posted this on the airheads bulletin board as well, but hoping for aome advice this weekend. I'm Itchin' to get this thing on the road.

    Oh mighty hedz - please help!

    I bought an R90/6 (1974) in boxes and have spent the last
    year or so trying to get it back together. So far
    everything is done. It runs sweetly, everything cherry
    but... I'm stuck on the last 2 little niggling frustrating
    bits before I can get registration and ride off into the
    sunset. This forum has been invaluable so far so please
    guys help me out one more time? My problems are now brake
    lights and horn.

    Brake lights:
    Rear brake - switch tested, it works and all correctly
    connected but no brake light.
    Front brake - figured out the indicator wires were missing.
    There should be a green/black and green/red going from the

    This I can fabricate, but...
    My circuit board does not seem correct for my model - no
    green/red section (#54?) So I figure I could connect the
    green/red running out of the main harness directly to the
    front brake switch wire, and the green/black running to #15
    on the board? I tried this - no luck...

    I have a weird left control switch. It looks correct but I
    can not find any circuit diagram for any related model that
    matches up:
    These are the wire colors:
    Green - to board
    Red - left loose
    Yellow/white - to ignition switch
    Green/grey - loose
    Yellow - to board
    Brown - toboard
    Grey - to ignition
    Brown/white - to board

    I'd dearly like the horn to work (I have twin Fiamms but not
    sure how to wire or mount them. Also, if its not too much
    trouble, a way of not running the lights when I'm riding.

    ANY help will be gladly appreciated and repaid in lodging on
    your next Hawai`i visit.
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  3. cas.vanderwoude

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    Nov 26, 2012
    folks, its all about assumptions. If you have them before trying to fix a problem, well, don't

    assumption 1: brake light was not working; WRONG. The tail light was not working and the brake light was on all the time.

    assumption 2: the wiring harness is good. It was not.

    In the end, I found what must be a short in the harness. the green/red cable was live all the time - even with nothing connected at either end. ran a bypass and the brake lights now work. Haven't yet solved the cause of the tail light problem but bypassed it and now tail light work as well.

    Off to the DMV tomorrow! Thanks for all the riders who emailed me with suggestions.