Broken Hill to Cameron's Corner

Discussion in 'Asia Pacific' started by rosiethestarfish, May 29, 2013.

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    Hi guys,

    I have previosuly posted this in the day trippin section but was told this would likely be more appropriate.

    Have been doing a bit of reading on the forums and have found a little info on people's rides from Broken Hill to Cameron's Corner.

    I am planning a trip Queens birthday long weekend and will head North from Silverton to Westward Downs, east back to Pack Saddle and then North to Tibooburra and Cameron's. Ill be taking the trusty DR 650 with the missus on the back.

    It is difficult to find much info on the road from Silverton to Westward Downs. Has anyone ridden it recently?

    Also I am wondering about fuel. I have an Acerbis tank (20L) and combined weight of me and my fiance would be 140kg plus swag and some gear. I know Pack Saddle has petrol does anyone know about Tibooburra and Cameron's?

    I know it might seem like a pretty easy trip for most people here but it will be my first serious ride. Any help from you guys would be great
  2. PBee

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    Jun 4, 2009
    So you'd be going thru Hawker Gate, these are little more than Station Tracks with a lot of sand.Varying from hard packed, loose top hard packed base & deep sand.
    I haven't been on them for a few years but I doubt they would have changed.

    If it's dry ok, wet forget it.

    Sorry just re read your post, you'll be coming out at Packsaddle so you will miss a lot of sand.
    You should be ok.

    Ring the Silverton Pub & ask for conditions north.
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    I just went through that area last Friday (Silverton past Wilangee & McDougall's Well & areas north). Had just had some rain but roads were not a problem. In fact the rain packed the sand so improved it in short term. We came out on silver city Highway at Milparinka & no dramas from there. Road to Cameron Corner was great. Fuel was available at both Tibooburra & CC
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    Yep, there is always fuel at Tiboorburra and Cameron's.

    Couple of the Tasmanian's did Packsaddle a few years ago when we all left Pooncarrie. They were on V stroms, a 650 and 1000 and they got thru okay but they said they would never need to do it again :lol3

    We went to Whitecliffs and stayed the night at the pub, then did the dirt from there to Tiboorburra.