Bsa sources?

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    Yes, the unknown,,,,internal damage from corrosion.
    A buddy of mine found a Royal Enfield 750 Mk11 Interceptor with frozen pistons. He poured transmission fluid in there and let it soak for a month. Then he rolled it down a hill and dropped it into 2nd gear and the 'unstuck'. Still running fine 10 yrs after, never taken apart.
    Then again, my brother went nuts on his 72 Norton,,,,full race cam, sodium cooled valves, balance, blueprint, Carillo rods, forged pistons. 3k later, it was a very angry 750 Combat that only wants aviation fuel.
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    Aug 22, 2007
    Well, now he's saying he'll take a grand...
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    '71 is kinda the worst of the A65 line... too tall & has an icky gray frame:rofl. the 72 was slightly better but dry frame bikes are way prettier. sorry, but 16,000 miles can be a lot for that engine... the crank main bearings need to be kept tight or the bottom end loses oil pressure. it has to do with the timing side crank bushing being key to the oil supply. Ed (see below) does an endfeed conversion which greatly improves bottom end oiling. He also has a few A70 cranks (750cc:evil)

    the good news is that the A65 is the best looking engine of the the times and BSAs are pretty cheap compared to other vintage rides. and BTW... they are a great ride.

    get rid of the points and put in a Boyer Bransden ignition.... way good response and eliminates other potential headaches. for a voltage regulator go Podtronics & be done with it.

    As mentioned above British Cycle Supply in Nova Scotia is the best & most reliable (they have a branch in NJ). my second choice is Wallridge and last is British Only. Domiracer is in the mix too.

    by 1970 all the fasteners on BSA are British Standard Cycle which is SAE with the exception of some parts deep in the engine

    for engine work and parts talk to Ed...

    he really knows the ol BSA & does a lot of work for the vintage racer crowd. nice guy too

    P.S. yes, nothing works better than leaded fuel in old bikes. I used to put in at least 1/4 tank Avgas after leaded fuel dissapeared from the pumps. 100LL (low lead) is available at any airport., LL is not very low in lead.

    also be aware that quite a few Brit bikes had fiberglass fuel tanks. these tanks do NOT like modern gas and will dissolve. your choices are: avoid glass tanks, line the glass tank, use 100% avgas.

    I spent a lot of time on the BritBike site (member #130)... there are some really good guys that will help out with problems
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    Aug 22, 2007
    Thanks all, for the information on sources. This particular deal didn't work out (too many $$$ IMO), but I'll keep looking.

    Beezer, the gray frame '71 works for me, as my intent is to use the oil-in-frame for a cafe bike anyway.
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    i have a resto' 71' T-bolt, 5 gal euro tank, and it's for sale ! in western Wa too. probably want to sell out right but there are a few bikes I need to ride before I croak, rickman etc..
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    Al's Cycle Shop

    1235 Thorndike St, Palmer, MA 01069

    (413) 283-8233

    They are technically closed but still have tons of BSA parts.