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    We have the wonderful Butler Maps in stock and ready to ship.
    Remember, we ship anywhere in the world and shipping is FREE over $39 in the US48.

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    Here's a little something from Bill at Butler Maps...

    i put together what Butler Maps is all about.

    What we do.

    We search for the best motorcycle roads & make maps.
    We find those hidden gems that are often missed
    and rate the known ones.
    It's color coded and G1 is a golden road. THE best.

    I've selected my 40 best dirt roads, plus another 40 prime connector roads and added those to the map.
    I've create a matrix of amazing paved roads coupled with smoother dirt roads and views.
    Plenty of challenges. Designed for large adv bikes & touring. All are welcome.

    These roads often lead to hot springs where you soak your ride away.
    Healed a bit, you ride more comfortable.
    The solution is a good soak as often as possible.
    Take days off and soak and check out town.
    You ride longer and see more.

    Steamboat Springs is a key Colorado destination.
    This amazing mtn town has 2 natural hot springs.
    One is in town and you can walk to it,
    the other is a dirt ride out of town.

    Strawberry Hot Springs is north of town and very natural & rustic.
    Nighttime clothing-optional and little light.
    You can camp next to the river
    Rent a train sleeper car, covered wagon, small or large cabins.
    You can soak a bit longer after closing as a guest.
    Bring food & water supplies.

    Dirt road leads to the hot springs. Street bikes make it all the time.
    Go slow, watch for ruts and there is a drop down in at the end.
    Street bikes at night leaving for town could be challenging as it loose and step in spots.
    Leave before the sun drops.

    Many visit the springs during the day when it's family oriented.
    Everyone enjoys the canyon & plays in the hot water.
    The pools drop down from each other into cooler pools.
    There's always the perfect temperature for you.
    There is a simple changing tee pee room next to the springs plus modern bathrooms above..
    Bring less than you think and a gear bag if needed.

    The Old Town Hot Springs are located at the south entrance to town.
    They feature a selection of modern pools and perfect temperatures.
    They have kids pools and a water slide.
    They have a nice locker room and a cafe for good meals and drinks.

    Steamboat has a varied selection of amazing places to stay.
    The restaurant scene is well repented.

    The Rabbit Ears is one of those essential places to stay when in town.
    It is next to the river and across the street from the hot springs.
    You can walk to all the downtown & river restaurants.
    They have a secure parking lot.

    Our maps use the latest smartphone mobile tour guides to find great lodging and meals.
    Your phone can guide to your destination.

    Our maps have a smartphone dealer lists to help you find a shop, fast.

    We ship the latest maps and all have featured dirt roads since v2.
    I have developed most of the dirt routes. UT is now v3.

    Maps take time because Court, Justin, Scott and others ride every potential paved road like a grid.
    We then apply a patented rating system we've developed to rate these roads.

    Need the best motorcycle roads?
    That's what we find.

    thanks, bill

    We have a number of maps and combo packages to choose from. Enjoy!

    (All info accurate at the time of this post.)

    Thanks for reading!