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    Hello world,
    I would like to buy a motorcycle in South Africa and travel all the way up to Europe than maybe all the way to Asia. The questions are:

    1- Can I register a South African motorcycle to my name with a Canadian passeport?
    2- Can I have problems travelling around with a South African license plate?
    3- Will I have problems to sell the bike in Europe?
    4- Any other pertinent information about travelling in Africa with a motorcycle is very well appreciated.

    Thank You!
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    1- yes
    2- no
    3- depends. Selling it to a EU citizen will require a permanent import. You're looking at about 32% of tax and duty. The bike cannot be registered in the EU if it doesn't meet the Euro4 emission spec., or Euro3 if first plated between 2007 and 2016. KLR650 and XR650L spring to mind.
    4- Get a brown insurance card for the ECOWAS nations. Cheaper than individual policies.

    Here's a 'how to' for getting the bike on the road in ZA.
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    Nov 12, 2016
    Thank you for this topic, I'm planning on travelling in South Africa this winter.