Buying a bike in Chile

Discussion in 'Americas' started by Free Radical, Jun 16, 2013.

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    I've read here and there that buying a bike in Chile is relatively easy and economical. Can anyone confirm this, specifically as it relates to ....

    ease of title transfer
    ability to take out of country
    bike affordability

    Many thanks for any and all advice!
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    Hmmm, you are in an international forum and don't say where you are from so I will assume you are "American". :lol3

    What type of bike do you want to buy? New or Used? I assume that you want it plated for street use?

    There are ways around a lot of things and anyone correct me if I am wrong as this is just from personal experience. Unless you have a DNI number for Chile, you can not buy a new bike there. You can buy a used bike but can't plate it. You can not use someone else's bike to cross borders. You can buy a bike from another gringo but it is sometimes dificult to cancel one person's permission and initiate a new one for the new owner.

    It is worse in Argentina:deal. Better in Bolivia and Peru but the easiest and cheapest place is Paraguay.:freaky