Buying a New bike out of state...

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    if you are buying new and know what bike you want do the deal over the phone have them fax you all the paper you need and regi the bike in your state then take you plate and regi and go pick the bike up and ride it wherever you want
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    Is this "new to you" or "brand new without a plate at a dealer"?

    If the latter, do what New York Lukes says. Check your DMV too.

    If the former, most states give you 10 days to register it after purchasing it....I know that is how it works in California (and in Oregon).

    So, unless Utah has some funky transfer laws (eg. emissions related), buy what you want in any state, have that state's release of title form signed by previous owner (usually on back of title) and maybe a bill of sale for good measure, then drive it home without worry, and within 10 days of signed release of title (transfer date), have it registered to you.

    Easy peasy.

    Out of state vehicles almost always require a VIN verify/inspection by state official before final approval, so make sure that sticker exisits before you buy it (and clean sticker before inspection so they can read it correctly and enter it into the system, you don't want the '6' to be written down as an '8' and later get stopped by the police.....

    All in all, not too tough at the end of the day.


    Sock Monkey is correct about whole "motorcycle with less than 7500 miles on it" thing.


    How they deal with taxes are different in every state. So as far as Utah goes....hmmm, is Utah as broke as California? Close? If so, expect some extra registration fees for things brought in from other states.


    You know, someone from Utah who has done this deal before should just tell us how they did it :)