Buying Parts from The USA - MG Cycle.

Discussion in 'Old's Cool' started by England-Kev, Nov 28, 2012.

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    A real shame how you got gouged on the shipping and importation charges like that.

    For your Guzzi parts, check out Pete runs a great business suppling MG parts our of his place in France. I'm sure you could have gotten a line on a set of handgrips at a much better price point after shipping than from MG Cycle in the US.
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    UPS charged me GST (SALES TAX) on a $210 parcel from the US to Australia, which had a set of matching Acerbis jacket and pants.

    Limit is supposed to be $1000- before tax is charged.

    They claimed that any more than one item of clothing was a "commercial" transaction, and charged me GST on their estimate of the retail value in Australia, on the basis that I was a dealer and would be reselling the goods.

    Apparently there is provision in the tax act for taxing multiple purchases if there is a likelihood that they are for resale, UPS decided that any more than one was multiple , even if the were different items

    They also charged me a handling and estimate fee of around $120-, to cover their cost in ripping me off.

    It took them about three weeks to do the valuation , so buy the time they sent me the bill It had taken almost six weeks, and as I wanted the outfit for a trip I just paid up - I wasnt going to get the goods any other way.

    So I had to add $170- to the cost of my two piece suit, still cheaper than the list for it in Oz but not but as much as I was expecting.

    IMHO UPS are just a bunch of common criminals, and I wont deal with anyone who uses them.

    Never had any problems with USPS, cost wise or delivery.
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    Claim it back as it is an invalid charge - tax collected where there is no legal obligation to pay tax. Have a look at the ATO website for their 'faxback' number and send them a letter along with copies of the receipts and so on. It will be interesting to find out if UPS have actually paid the GST component to the ATO, and really bad news for them if they haven't.
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    Surely the contract UPS have is with the sender?

    Thus they should be approaching the sender for any fees.

    I would have told them to get stuffed.

    Tax - fair enough.