CA DMV to Issue Plates?

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    Nice! Actually, the lady at my DMV said they are not allowed to climb in a truck or help unload it. You must do it. Then she said not to tell anyone, and climbed into the truck. It was a 3-wheeler, and I was after a green sticker (off road only). The computer would not let her register a 3-wheeler for some reason, so she said "what a bunch of nonsense", and registered it as a home built buggy. :roflWe have an unusually sensible bunch of folks at our DMV.

    I have heard the entire California registration being pulled a full year after purchase from a dealership. A friend of mine ordered a Ducati sportbike from a SF Bay Area dealership, and they sourced it from Oregon. After adding lots of carbon fiber, extended swing arm, and a bunch of other ugly show bike stuff, the CA DMV wrote him a letter requiring him to return it to the dealership because it wasn't CA smog certified. He had already sold off the OEM parts, so to get his full purchase price back, the bike had to be complete. He was pissed. I bet the shop in Oregon was surprised, though.
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    your bike needs the EPA sticker on the frame. if it doesn't. you're fucked. i know. :deal
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    A talented guy like you shouldn't have a problem printing up a foil sticker as needed.
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    Simply amazing...

    I know of several KTMs that were plated in the 2002 to 2005 range that were recalled. Meaning the VINs were run for renewal and flagged as non-compliant. Of course they were...

    The deal was a DMV office that could be "manipulated" various ways but eventually the computer caught it.

    Anyway, the renewal notice was a "surrender your plate notice" or show compliance (the magic sticker).

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    Being in the graphics business it wasn't very difficult to create a 'factory' epa sticker. Some of the KTM's were simply a silver paper sticker taped over with clear vinyl. They're not very creative.

    But alas, if you get caught it's a felony. I decided it wasn't worth it for a silly motorbike. Just buy one that comes with a plate.

    I just don't know how thorough CARB audits the registrations. They have a list of years and models that were 'approved' for hiway use, and if it's not on there it's cannot be issued a plate.

    DMV are a bunch of idiots, so it's possible to get anything plated. And they don't always 'catch' them later and rescind. There are a LOT of bikes around with plates that weren't supposed to get them.
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    You guys are funny. Plates always get recalled from a friend of a friend. Then the rest of you all ride bikes that weren't supposed to be "platable". Something stinks but I like the smell.
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    I recently purchased a 2010 ktm 450 six days edition. The regular version of this bike came with a green sticker, but mine came with a red. The vin sticker says "competition only" but the vin numbers indicate it should be green. The DMV was willing to do more research but it would come down to the visual inspection, so I didn't follow through with it.
    In my research, I found out that you can get a plate for a green sticker bike. It must have working lights and signals and be equipped with a speedo if the bike originally had a speedo. After proper inspections, the bike will be dual registered with a plate and a green sticker. I rode with a guy that has done 2 this way, and was riding a crf 450x that was plated and compliant.

    More info can be has here

    A bike can also be registered as a special construction, but I have been told that California only allows 1 per person per lifetime.
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    it cant be done ...let it go:deal
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    End of thread, finally. Thisis exactly right. Remember Joe Racer in San Jose? Got many bikes plated using every possible permutation you can imagine. I think every plate is pulled now.
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    While I agree that it's pert-near impossible to do it legally and properly without the proper emissions sticker, I'm tired of hearing anecdotal statements like: "I think every plate is pulled now."

    Got proof?