California - Venezuela March - June 2013

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  1. aadal

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    Sep 22, 2012
    Hi all
    I'm planning a trip from California to Venezuela. Starting in California 20'ish of March ending in Venezuela late May.
    here's a map with sparse information on some dates.
    The trip was planned/thought of, with a friend of mine, but life got in the way, so he cannot join me. And now I'm all alone :eek1
    I speak Spanish. But it would also be nice to share a trip like this with others like minded :freaky so if interested in the trip or just to joining a bit please send me a message.

    For my ride I would need a motorcycle, and I have narrowed it down to 2 choices in preferred order :
    1. Suzuki V-strom 650
    2. KLR 650 2008+
    The suzuki is my preferred because I don't think i'll be doing Dakar style trip, and i had a GSX750F which served me well, but not at all uninterested in the KLR :ear
    My budget is about 4000$ without bags and 5000$ with bags, for the KLR and about 1000$ more for the Suzuki, mileage I would prefer around 10k or less, as i'm no mechanical genius. :cry
    So what i'm saying is "i'm looking for a bike!" hehe. links to honest dealership and so on is also welcome :-)
    But here comes the tricky part. i'm no US citizen but Danish.
    So what is best practice?
    Export plates? titles and all in my name? I really have a lot of questions in this area, I read a thread about one that helped people like me but he went back to europe :-(
    So information link etc. would be very very nice :D

    The forum is overwhelming with info and I have enjoyed looking trough it the past month. Thank you all!

  2. GastonUSAChile

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    May 28, 2008
    Hi there,

    First of all, find the bike on this forum (flea market section) and get the most suitable for you. Vstrom are good bikes, I had a 1000cc but i know the 650 is excellent without too much weight (2 up) but even that, it is possible. Kawa are good but a lot less comfortable . Think about taking spares ofr any of these bikes because are not easy to find. Perhaps for the 650 Vstrom yes in Colombia, because the import them there.
    I think you'll get a lot more bike on the VStrom for around the same amount of money.

    Upon agreement with the previous owner, buy it and he must sign the title in the back . Now you are the new owner. He can help you out to get the new title using the same address as his. Also registering the bike for a new tag (under your name). I think California does everything on the title (including the plate #). He also must provide to you with a Bill of sale in order to get the new title. Be advised, you must provide the previous owner with a POA (power of attorney) to do the paperwork for you (titling and registration)
    After all of this is done , you are free to export the bike as a tourist.

    It is possible to use the same title and a bill of sale , signed in the back but , the problem is the plate and you could have eventual problems for not having the title with your name.
    It is possible also to cross the border only with a registration but, you never know if would be ok to other countries. It has been done but may be he was lucky.
    Actually I brought his bike from Chile (ocean shipped) and we use a copy of the registration because the original was lost. Even U.S. Customs accepted when got in, but I think it was luck.
  3. aadal

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    Sep 22, 2012
    Hi thanks for the information
    (thought I ticked the instant subscription on this thread but no... therefor the late reply :shog)

    so in order:
    1. me - buy the bike
    2. previous owner - sign title in the back
    3. previous owner - provide bill of sale :deal
    4. me - power of attorney
    5. Paperwork can begin! :clap
    can it be partly paid? as previous owner will have PA as safety?

    Hope i got it right :-)
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    I really think you need to be the sole owner; for a lot of obvious reasons.
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