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Best bet week of peak foliage northern Vermont

  1. 1st week of October

  2. 2nd week of October

  3. 3rd week of October

  4. Stay home, we don't want your kind here

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  1. Miriam

    Miriam Regal Rider

    Dec 14, 2012
    Northern New Englanders, lend me your ears, :ear

    Your expertise and local knowledge is called upon.
    I am planning on visiting Vermont next fall. Naturally, I want to be there at peak foliage week. I realize it is hard to predict, but, if you weren't god fearing men, and were the betting kind, well,...figuring peak foliage in northern Vermont, what say you ?
    Cast your best guesstimate vote above.
  2. It'sNotTheBike

    It'sNotTheBike Banned

    Jul 20, 2011
    Honestly, your question cannot be answered with precision, with respect
    to both time and location, this far ahead of time.

    Peak foliage will, generally speaking, occur earlier the further north you go.
    Using this principle you can, if you are willing to travel, probably see at least
    some peak foliage somewhere in Vermont, if you time your trip carefully.

    Best to block out a month ahead of time, during which you can take a vacation on
    short notice, and keep an eye on local webcams and weather conditions in Vermont,
    with your bags packed and your vehicle ready to go.

  3. henrymartin

    henrymartin Mr. Tourguide

    Sep 11, 2010
    South of the Great North Woods
    Just remember that peak foliage also equals packed roads, tour buses with drivers that don;t know where they are going, distracted car drivers, and some serious chances that the 55mph mountain route you selected to get get to your logging for the night will take you three times as long because there is a driver in the car ahead of you who decided to crawl at 20mph to take in the scenery.

    Just saying....

    Oh, if you arrive and there isn't enough color in VT, you can generally cross over to NH and find some color somewhere between the White Mountains and Monadnock. There are pockets that peak in different times, and unpaved roads to be had (avoid the traffic).
  4. Miriam

    Miriam Regal Rider

    Dec 14, 2012
    Thats why I'm trying to plan ahead. You motels will be booked solid I'm sure, or I would wing it and leave when the tree are just ready to sing.
    But I can't do that and have a place at night, so I'm doing the next best thing, tapping you boys on the shoulder
  5. shrineclown

    shrineclown BoardButcher

    Jul 9, 2006
    Bruins Nation
    If you are talking real peak foliage in the real north, it will be about one to two weeks earlier than in the south on average. Peak in the true north can be as early as mid-September to Columbus day, depending on weather and temperature. The Columbus day foliage crowd is the heaviest and it has been about the best foliage the last few years. YMMV.
    They start a running commentary for peak foliage on most media outlets in the state. Google will be your friend. IMO, the best riding and foliage is the middle half of the state, cutting off the top and bottom quarters, sticking to the mountains. However, anywhere in VT will be a treat compared to many other places. There is not a bad place to ride in VT other than greater Burlington with the traffic. Once you are finally where you are going, that is pretty nice too.

    You should find great foliage in any of those weeks you have targeted, it just might not still be in the Kingdom by then.

    Just follow your nose, you will have fun.
  6. tdvt

    tdvt Been here awhile

    Jul 19, 2012
    NEK Vermont
    This is true.

    But, I remember hearing a quote a few years ago from one of our past Governors who was asked a similar question & he said something to the affect that the first week of October was a good time for foliage. I have been half paying attention since then & have to admit he was right.

    As a disclaimer, I DO live in northernmost Vermont & it changes up here first, then works it's way south over the following weeks.

    Have a great visit!