Can I update a Garmin Oregon?

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    Stupid Noob question for you pros.
    I have a Oregon 200 and I would like to update it to show more roads and trails. Right now it only show major roads and towns. Is there a way to update it to show all roads?
    I have looked on the Garmin site, but did not have any luck. Can I buy a micro card for this, or a download? If so, any suggestions?
    Thanks in advance!
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    Sure you can but first I you should create an account on "My Garmin" then check to see if there is firmware update for the unit (not required but useful).

    The map you have is the preinstalled "Base Map" which is basically state highways/roads and Interstates in the US.
    You can upload autorouting street level maps, Garmin CityNavigator or Garmin's TOPO maps and others. The Oregon can switch between maps set if several are installed.
    Unless you are a backpacker I strongly suggest CityNavigator.

    They can be had via;

    Preloaded to chip

    Each has it's advantages but most favor the DVD.

    There are also some 3rd party maps for sale for regions of the world that Garmin doesn't have good maps for and there are free open-source maps available. I have had good luck with pay for non Garmin maps but have never been satisfied with the free maps, but they are getting better.

    It's the old saying "You get what you pay for" at work. I personally don't think $100 or so is a lot to ask for a detailed map for a large country or even continent not to mention the included POI database.