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Discussion in 'Thumpers' started by Squeaks, Apr 23, 2013.

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    Little info on me. Rode dirt bikes when I was a kid to help herd cattle in southern Mississippi from around 8yrs old to 18. Riding street ever since. I'm 55 (on 4/21 :clap ) and abit overweight (close to the 300# mark from sitting in and driving 18-wheelers for the past 10 years) Currently riding a ZZR1200. Finally got a local driving job here in Vegas and looking to lose some weight. :D Also looking to get back to some dirt riding.

    Can't decide between the wr250, xt 250 or the tw200. The type of riding I'm looking to do is out in DV (hopefully next year at the Noob Rally), Mammoth Lake trails, around the Grand Canyon, Sequoia National and YellowStone National Parks (before Yellowstone blows and kills us all :rofl). Trail riding, nothing wild, Not racing or speeding along, just scooting along enjoying the scenery and looking to get out more. Don't need the biggest or fastest motorcycle,(my ZZR handles that just fine, thank ya) just want to get out and see the countryside.

    Were there any tw200's at the Noob Rally this year? How do tw's (with a larger tank) hold up out in DV?

    Looking at the 200-250 size from the ride reports I've been reading. Easier to handle and pickup when dropped ( and I know I'm going to hitting the ground some :lol3) than the 400's and 500's. And they sound easier to get me back into the dirt without killing myself. Which is a big plus.
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    Knowing what your size is by what you said, I would go with a older model KLR 650, lower it 2", put on a 14 tooth counter shaft sprocket, and ride it like a tractor. If you can get your feet flat on the ground when stopped you should be ok. It is a 425lb. bike, but lifting it should not be a problem as long as it's not on top of you. I know this from experience, because I been pined under mine before and couldn't get out from under it without help. The TW200 may also work for you, but you will soon out grow the bike. The WR250R is out of the question at this time as will be the CRF250L Honda and the KLX250S Kawasaki. I think the other bikes that you mentioned are too small at this time also. Just trying to be honest with what I think will work for you.

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    Not bad advice. Or a DRz400 as a mid-sized compromise and there are plenty of nice used ones out there. Or, you could wait until you lose that first 50 lbs and then get a nice 250cc.