Cape Race Newfoundland

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  1. DRZ400SK4

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    May 22, 2005
    We had a very wet and wild adventure down in the Cape Race area of
    Newfoundland today. It was myself, Lorenzo, and Shannon on the run.

    We started at the community Portugal Cove South, and rode the trail across
    the top of the barrens toward Chance Cove Park. We were trying to see if a
    loop could be made right around the big point of land to the famous Cape
    Race lighthouse, and back to PCS.

    The trail across the barrens was a continuous collection of river and bog
    crossings, interspersed with very rocky sections of trail. We made it almost
    as far as Chance Cove Park, until we hit the bottom of a large wetlands
    valley, which was a maze of impassable bogs and rivers. So after 20 kms of
    technical trail-riding, we were forced to turn back and ride another 20 kms
    back out the same way we came.

    After the 40 km barrens ride workout, we headed out the 19 km dirt road from
    PCS toward the Cape Race lighthouse. And halfway down that road we took a
    detour down the trail to Mistaken Point. This took us through a really
    difficult river crossing with steep and slippery trails to climb and descend
    on either side of a deep river gorge, next to the beach. And then up some
    slippery and rocky trails which ran right along the edge of the cliffs. We
    met some campers from Nova Scotia in this area. They seemed surprised to see
    motorcycles climbing the goat trails along the cliff edges. But we
    Newfoundlanders do our best to entertain the tourists.

    After making it out to Mistaken Point, and returning to the dirt road, we
    headed down to the lighthouse and continued on past it toward Clam Cove, for
    about another 3 or 4 kms of boggy and rocky coastal trail. Shannon actually
    lost his GPS unit in this area, when it popped right out of it's bracket. It
    took awhile to find it, but we eventually did.

    We met another dualsporter at the lighthouse area. He was riding a heavily
    loaded KLR650, and had made the trip all the way up from 'Chicago', of all
    places. We were impressed, to say the least.

    When we arrived back at the truck and trailer, we had completed 93 kms of
    off-pavement riding on the day. Dry socks and hot turkey sandwiches were
    high on the list, at that point.

    We had a few spills and a few close calls during our adventure, but in the
    end nothing more than our pride was damaged.





  2. beerjonny

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    Aug 10, 2005
    Willow Grove, NB Canada
    I love that first pic - reminds me of the day that we spent with you and Lorenzo on the Rock. Speaking of Lorenzo - his shining bike seems to be getting worked in :evil
  3. GB

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    Aug 16, 2002
    Looks great :thumb Thanks for posting.
  4. Teeds

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    Jul 2, 2006
    427 miles ENE of Orla Texas
    It looks beautiful up there. Someday
  5. maguireb

    maguireb Suzuki Bob

    Jul 29, 2008
    The ride looks like fun and had I any idea of how to have rented a bike this past August while staying at Pirate's Peek in the area I would have most definitely been up for all on the ride but the water crossing's - I tend to get nervous if I can get wet (really wet) in a water crossing that is my current track record. You all make this look so easy with the pictures - thank you for the post.

    Perhaps one day I will trailer my Suz 650 DRSE down to try Newfoundland again. I've done the visit to Regatta, and FerryLand Lighthouse, Signal Hill, Cape Spear, and a few kitchens of my in-laws for some home made wine, some fish cakes, and the odd song....Being on the bike is preferred as I don't really sing..
  6. DRZ400SK4

    DRZ400SK4 Long timer

    May 22, 2005
    I posted that ride report way back in the summer of 2006, but glad you enjoyed it. I've been meaning to go back and revisit that trail, since it's been a few years.

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