Car security alarm advice needed?

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by facetjoint, Nov 15, 2012.

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    I need suggestions for a car alarm system. This is for an older "easy to steal" GM vehicle that will be setting outside all the time. Although it will almost be under the street light, it will still be at risk. I purchased a Viper 350-2 to install but sent it back as it requires "dealer only" hand held device to program it initially. Or to make any changes to the system down the road.

    The vehicle has PDL. but is old enough that they do not support a remote. So I'd prefer a unit I could do a door remote lock and unlock. Remote start in not really something I need or want. I need a system with a loud alarm, to sense glass breakage, forced entry and these types of things. I already have a new alarm back up battery unit to install with the unit when I find one!

    Suggestions please??
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    Pretty much anything by Viper is going to do what you need. You need to add a glass-break sensor to the system, and you'll be golden. I'd suggest having it installed by a professional though, as a good install is 80% of the alarm. Actually pretty much any alarm with a glass-break module will do the job, but a well installed one will function reliably and the install will be neat. This is coming from a guy who does all of his own 12V installation besides alarms. Worth the $$$ imo, and generally the lifetime warranty by Viper is only good if you have it installed at an authorized dealer.
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    This, also from a guy that sells and installs 12v goodies like stereos and alarms. Nearly every time a customer has insisted on installing the alarm themselves, they come back with complaints about it not working or it going off all the time or whatever. A bunch of complaints that, oddly enough, don't seem to occur when they pay for professional installation.