Car tyres to fit 17" motorcycle wheels

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    Hello all. I've been stealing all your thoughts for years and just too lazy to sign up. Well I took the big jump last night did it.

    I know the above conversation occurred in 2012, but did y'all ever find any resolution. In particular, is there a way to mount a car tire on my stock 2005 R1200 GS 17" spoked wheel? Or will a 17" car tire mounted on an aluminum or steel car wheel be made to fit?

    I'm tugging a Dnepr sidecar that Bob of Texas Sidecars mounted for me with DMC Jay's mounting gear. And I've got a Heidenau on the bike now...and it only took 3000 miles to bring the steel belts to the surface.

    I ain't crazy about the look of a smaller tire/wheel setup.

    Also while on the subject, anybody got any suggestions about front fork conversions? It rides pretty well now, but at 70 it wears me out with the pull to the right getting progressively stronger the faster I go. And once I put the windshield on the boat the resistance got even stronger.

    Ok, I'm firing off my first post. Hope y'all are out there.
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    Since you're a member now, you can use the Private Message system to contact other inmates directly about this. I'd start with Boondox--he prolly knows. Also BMWZenRider is an excellent source. Also, try DHoladay.
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    Tire price is $66.51 with free std shipping in the USA. Above is a URL for an eBay seller in the USA has that tire. I was assured by seller that it is, indeed, 17" and NOT 16" as had been mistakenly advertised by another seller. Check for yourself before ordering, however. This works to replace a 180/55/17 motorcycle tire for a 5.0", 5.5", or 6" rim.

    Fits the rear of BMW K-bikes running the 180/55/17 and, supposedly, clears the radius curve of their single swingarm, too.

    I have a BMW K1200RS w/Hannigan sidecar and it is a breeze for steering at any cruise speed I have done up to to 75MPH because it has electric camber control that raises/lowers the outboard chair wheel by a range of about 4.5 to 5". See if there is a way to adapt such to your sidecar and your constant pull just to go straight will disappear. I'm 65 years old and getting too lazy to work so hard just to cruise straight down the road.
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    Any chance you have a different URL? This one is showing "This page may have moved or is no longer available".


    Found it I think -- Tire on eBay
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    I just found a site: Phone: 1-877-253-6191. They claim to have this tire in stock, in the US. Tire size is 175/55r17XL 88v BSW, Price:$44.80+ shipping.

    I have never heard of the brand: Achilles, but it is DOT certified.

    I will do some more research.

    Good Luck
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    I've had one of those tires for couple of month, just havn't put it onto my spare K75 rear wheel yet. :lol3
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    I just ordered these tires but their 8 weeks back ordered. I just mounted a set of cheap Shinko 705's to get me by.