Carpathia Trip Suggestions

Discussion in 'EMEA' started by flyingturtle, Aug 1, 2013.

  1. flyingturtle

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    May 3, 2013
    Bursa / TURKEY
    I have planned a trip to Carpathia montains for next week (5/12-08-2013). It will start from Bursa / Turkey. I will go trough Bulgaria and spend most of the trip in Romania. I will stay 5/6 night in Romania and would like to see Bucharest, Sibiu, Brashov and Sighisoara cities.

    Its my first international trip and i dont know regional paper jobs beside green card. Do i need any other road permision card etc.

    Also, does anyone suggest roads or places that i have to see around mentioned cities?
  2. sprinter27

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    Oct 14, 2009
    From canada i just needed my licence.
    I would skip bucharest,too busy and nothing of note to see. Maybe pass through to constanta and the black sea .
    Theres a great little trip from sibiu to paltinis, have lunch up near the ski hill,neat road .
    Turna salaina( i think) is a salt mine worth doing a walk though, plus its nice and cool.
    Lastly if finances allow do a guided enduro tour from sibiu, many compa ys do them. The local ktm dealer was 120 euros plus 100 for the guide.increadable views and the best riding i have ever done.just google romaniacs for some of the sights you will see and ride.
    Lastly the city square in sibiu and maxs restaurant is great