Cascade Lakes Highway is OPEN!

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    So my first attempt at a RR got seriously delayed by a Florida vacation. Somehow I thought I would want to sit around writing and posting instead of swimming, fishing, and swimming. Ooopsie. :jkam :shog

    So to make it up to the inmates I decided to post something someone might find useful as well as mildly entertaining. :lol3

    Behold, a status report on the Cascade Lakes Highway between Mt. Bachelor and Elk Lake. It just opened on Thursday June, 16th officially. Apologies for the cell phone pics…I didn’t plan ahead…but they work to communicate information if not beauty.


    Being between grad school graduation and job, I have a little time to screw around. Friday I hung out with my sweetie, W.C. Angel, while she was at work. She was measuring the Quinn river which put me up on the part of the Cascade Lakes Highway that has been open for a while. I can strongly recommend a spin on 40 out of Sun River and a Run back to Bend on the CLH! This end of the highway is fully melted out and into dust season. You can get all the dirt you want under your wheels around Cultus Lake and Crane Prarie. You will also probably get more mosquitos then you want too.

    Here’s Angel in the Quinn River.




    Ok. Now on to the report for both dirt and pavement.

    Elk Lake Resort looks like this:


    It’s a strange world of big snow drifts, sail boats, and sunshine. A great place to stop for a beer and a burger…but I wouldn’t want to camp there yet. And riding dirt at this elevation is still a dream. It is gonna be a good while before your adventure doesn’t end in a big melting snow drift up here.

    Above Elk Lake in elevation the snow starts to get thicker on the side of the road. At Sparks Lake…well, there’s a lot of snow still.


    Riding through a little canyon of snow feels pretty adventurous. I wish I took this in time to catch the dude on the chopper with huge ape hangers...


    The side of the highway around Bachelor…on the Bend end of the highway looks pretty clear but there is a lot of snow in the woods still…all the way down to Swampy Snow Park it looks like it is gonna be a few weeks before you want to get on the dirt there unless you get lucky. :cry

    Angel and I have specialized this spring in finding the snow line…sometimes in unexpected places like a few weeks ago on 19 when it all came to an unfortunate end at box canyon.




    As low as Meissner Snow Park everything is plenty clear…and dusty. Which means, by my amateur reckoning, much of the OBDR Cascades route is probably open now, at least in these parts. I’ll go confirm that later this month.

    So if you want to put some adventure in your June slab riding, I can strongly recommend a spin on the Cascade Lakes Highway now!

    Happy Days!:nod
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    Hi Jay, good to see or at least read you again, nice ride report. I was just thinking of riding the CLH and was wondering if it was passable yet.
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    Excellent, Jay!
    Glad to see you have a new ADVer to share your RRs with, too.
    And an "Angel" at that :norton

    Now, make sure that you never ride faster than your Angel can follow.
    Or better yet, let her lead!
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    Nice!! Sad but the thing I'm most jealous of is her flow meter. I'm still using a Swoffer 3000 which is slow :cry