CEN-TEX ADVers:Dan (ssdan on this forum) in need of your thoughts & condolences

Discussion in 'Tejas and the Gulf States' started by Cycledelic Relic, Nov 12, 2012.

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    I have a very good friend indeed in ssdan (oldman on TWT). Dan has provided much welcomed help for me when I was in need of it. Well...now I'd like to let everyone kno....
    His wife Kay & him are in need of our thoughts & condolences....

    Dan & Kay lost their only child Friday. Michael was a good kid who had his ups & downs like many teens & young adults do but overall ,he would do anything to help out a friend...Much as his dad would. (Ask me how I kno) Michael worked for me for a short time when I was managing the parts dept at Aurora Aviation in McGregor. While that job wasn't his "cup o tea" He was still a good younger worker who just needed some focus.

    Michael who was in his twenties also had a daughter who will miss her daddy very much I'm sure. Chloe spends lots of weekends with her Grandparents Dan & Kay as attested by all those pics I've seen of her just bein a little girl. From now on...she's gonna need her Grandparents even more.

    Ya'll please join me in keepin Dan, Kay, Chloe ...& the rest of the Fletcher family in your thoughts during this extremely trying time. The family is dealing with all the "arraingements" that need takin care of after a loved one passes....& all those "what if's" that you keep askin yourself in a situation like loosin a younger family member...or especially an only child.

    VISITATION WILL BE FROM 6PM-8PM AT OAKCREST FUNERAL HOME IN WACO AT 4520 BOSQUE BLVD. A public service at the same location will take place on Wednesday. Anyone who wishes is welcome to attend.
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    Hang tough & endure.
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    Thanks for the words Rod.