Central Africa with 100cc of Raw Power

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    After moving to the eastern DRC for work and realizing I had about $2,000 in the budget for transportation, it was clear that I was getting a motorcycle. But what kind? Around these here parts, there are three major options:

    1. TVS Victor GLX 125 - This model (available in purple or red) makes up 98% of the motorcycle traffic in the eastern Congo. It runs about $1,300 new and while clearly a road bike, it can be found everywhere, whether there are roads nearby or not. I went back and forth between being really impressed by how well these cheap things get around and being convinced it was only Congolese ingenuity that kept these things from absolutely falling apart. I still haven’t really decided which is the better description, but you can’t help but respect a little bike like this that can get four passengers to the top of steep hills. And yes, you see that all the time.


    2/3. Yamaha DT 125 and AG 100 - Both of these options run about $5,000 new in this area and are actually made to handle what is considered a road around here. Because they’re so much more expensive than the TVS option, only ex-pat organizations buy these.


    My budget didn’t allow for a new Yamaha, so it was between a new TVS or a used Yamaha. It didn’t take me long to decide to go with a Yamaha, but which one? They both would get me anywhere I wanted to go in the eastern DRC, assuming I didn’t come across a rebel group that decided to permanently borrow it. The DT is slightly more powerful and is higher off the ground, but doesn’t have a protected chain like the AG. I can’t even remember how I finally decided, but it was the AG that is currently taking me on my Central African adventures. For those of you that consider this to have been the wrong decision, please feel free not to share that fact with me, since it’s too late and all. Those of you who think I made the right decision, however, should expound on that in the comments section as much as you like.

    Next up: The First 1,000 km in the Hills of the DRC, Rwanda and Burundi
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    Love Africa RRs!

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    Sounds like an exciting trip; like the 'old school' look of your AG 100.
    Are you working for an NGO?