Central Veracruz and Eastern Puebla ride guide

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    I have posted this as its own thread from the Mex planning and Is Mex safe threads on Mark's suggestion.

    Here is what is the start of a ride guide to the area of central Veracruz and the extreme east of Puebla.
    If you want maps, pictures, notes, etc... about a ride, PM me the corresponding number and I will email you a PDF file within a day or two. If you are seriously thinking about spending some time in the area and want to get to know it better, I can ride along with you on these routes if I have the time. I always enjoy meeting up with riders coming through and getting them away from the devil's candy addiction to the Mex #180 coast highway, which for the most part, is as exciting as watching grass grow with one exception being the Tuxtlas and the other the baches, topes, and kamikaze Central Americans hauling 3 used cars, two loads of domestic appliances, and a Quetzal in a pear tree.

    Here you go and all feedback is most welcome be it good, bad, or indifferent. Some of these rides are exceptionally good so make an effort when you are in the area to try to experience them.

    Important note! If you want more offroad type stuff, contact Arte and Andres, some of their "Greenland" rides link up with a couple of these routes. So don't forget!

    A riders guide to roads and sites of interest 2012

    List of Rides - All Are Paved Routes UNLESS NOTED as of February, 2012
    1. Las Casitas, Veracruz to Teziutlan, Puebla
    2. Vega de Alatorre, Ver. to Naolinco, Ver. via Colipa
    3. Naolinco, Ver. to Palma Sola, Ver. via Plan de las Hayas
    4. Perote, Ver. to Maztaloya and Los Humeros, Puebla
    5. Perote, Ver. to La Cantona, Pue. (archaeological ruins)
    6. Quiahuiztlan, Ver. (archaeological ruins) and the town of La Villa Rica de la Veracruz, beach and dunes.
    7. Veracruz, Ver. to Perote, Ver. via Coatepec, Xico, Teocelo, and Ixhuacan de los Reyes, Ver.
    8. Teocelo, Ver. to Huatusco, Ver. via Quimixtlan, Pue. (contains off road section of less than 20 kms.)
    9. Teocelo, Ver. to Guadalupe Victoria, Puebla via Saltillo La Fragua, Pue.
    10. Perote, Ver. to Teocelo, Ver. via Gonzalez Ortega, Maravillas, Saltillo La Fragua, Acocomotla, La Trinidad, Rafael Garcia, and Patlanalan, Pue.
    11. Xalapa, Ver. to Veracruz, Ver. via Coatepec, Jalcomulco, Ohuapan, Totutla, Manuel Gonzalez, Cameron, and Soledad de Doblado, Ver.
    12. Veracruz, Ver. to Cordoba, Fortin, Orizaba, Ver. via Paso del Macho, Ver.
    13. Jalcomulco, Ver. to Cordoba, Fortin, Orizaba, Ver. via Huatusco, Ver.
    14. Xalapa, Ver. to the summit of the Cofre de Perote (this is a challenging high elevation ride not recommended to do without some prior planning and common sense).
    15. Cordoba, Ver. to Tequila, Ver. via Xoxocotla, Ver. (la "Sierra Fria") via Soledad Atzompa, Ver.
    16. Cordoba, Ver. to Zongolica, Ver. (la Sierra Zongolica)
    17. Zongolica, Ver. to Cordoba, Ver. via 25kms of unpaved mountain road through the Sierra de Tlacuiloteca.
    18. Cordoba, Ver. to "The Large Millimeter Telescope" at the top of the Sierra Negra, Pue. via Maltrata, Xuchi, Plan del Capulin and Texmalaquilla, Pue. contains high elevation maintained dirt road. This is another somewhat challenging high elevation ride that is not recommended without some prior planning and common sense. Free camping is available with no services and "check in/check out" with the local police is sometimes enforced (but not a bad idea anyways).
    19. Cordoba, Ver. to Ciudad Mendoza, Ver. via Tequila, Tlaquilpa, Xoxocotla, Atzompa, Ver. (end of route is different from #14 as it is via Atzompa and not Soledad Atzompa, Ver.)
    20. Veracruz, Ver. to Catemaco, Ver. via Roca Partida, Montepio, Sontecomapan, Ver. (contains very short maintained dirt road section through tropical forest near UNAM Biological Research Station).
    21. Veracruz, Ver. to Catemaco, Ver. via Los Tuxtlas, Ver. conventional lower elevation mountain route that follows Mex #180 "the coast highway".
    22. Xalapa, Ver. to Huatusco, Ver. via Quimixtlan, Puebla good ride with great views and a long off road section on crushed rock surface, it can be done on a GS1200 if the rider is experienced and has done gravel before.
    23. Veracruz, Ver. to Veracruz, Ver. round trip via Xalapa, Ver., Coatepec, Ver., Xico, Ver., Teocelo, Ver., La laguna de Patlanalan, Pue., Rafael Garcia, Pue., Francisco Madero, Pue., Guadalupe Victoria, Pue., Guadalupe Libertad, Pue., Santa Ines, Pue.,Ciudad, Serdan, Pue., Atzinzintla, Pue., descend on the old Cumbres de Maltrata road to link with the lower part of the regular Cumbres highway into Ciudad Mendoza, Ver., Orizaba, Ver., Cordoba, Ver., and back to the port of Veracruz, Ver. It's a 10hr ride with a breakfast stop and a few photo stops and a single snack stop. It's the "all you can eat buffet" of riding the central border area of Veracruz and Puebla.

    I can provide notes, links, and further information on the historical and/or natural significance of each of the rides and how to link them to your advantage if your time is limited or you want to maximize your riding time.

    General Notes (for those new to Mexico)

    - The Green Angeles (Los Angeles Verdes) tourist assistance still operate on some of the major roads. Don't rely on this service but they can help with minor mechanical problems and towing advice.
    - There are very few police patrols in these areas, you will be your own law for the most part and though there is mountain rescue available for the area near Pico de Orizaba and the Sierra Negra, it is not to be relied upon for anything more than a service of last resort in an emergency.
    - Military patrols are infrequent but do pass some areas but on a weekly basis for the most part and not daily. In fact, there are few daily patrols of the more remote areas. But you will almost always find someone somewhere no matter where you are in either the state of Veracruz or Puebla.
    - You might find someone who speaks marginal English in the remote areas, and there is common use of Nahuatl indigenous language dialects especially in the Zongolica and Quimixtlan areas.
    - Three of the rides will take you to elevations beyond 3,200 meters of elevation, be sure you can handle heights especially if you are doing a rapid ascent from sea level. For example, you can easily ride from sea level in the port of Veracruz to the absolute peak of the Cofre de Perote at 4,500 meters in 3 hours which leaves little time for your acclimatization be sure you can handle upper elevations where you will have about half the oxygen that you have at sea level.
    - Pemex stations can be found along these routes, however premium (the red handled pump) fuel probably will not be available but the lower grade Magna will be available.
    - Carry small bills and change, don't expect everyone to be willing to break a $500 peso bill. Tip the Pemex attendants as they work for tips.
    - Expect to attract a lot of attention in the remote areas. This can be both fun and frustrating depending on the type of attention it is.
    - Celluar phone service cannot be relied upon in remote areas though there is surprisingly good coverage in certain areas.
    - Almost every area will have a "tiendita" or little convenience store of some sort or another but don't expect to find many restaurants in the high sierra regions or even in the remote areas of the high plains.
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    :clapGREAT JOB , MIKE !!!!!:clap
    some good memories are coming up while I'm going through your list and I just found a few reasons to come back to veracruz
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    Good to hear there are a few you missed, you and Shawn both.
    There is always a good reason or two to come back to Veracruz!

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    SOUTH OF THE USA BORDER(friendlier Mexico)
    Very nice routes there Mike, now I just have to find the time to ride them, beautiful areas and roads:deal of Mexico
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    Thanks Mike. I'll have to start riding my way through that list now. :D
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    Addition to the list:
    22. is now Xalapa, Veracruz to Huatusco, Veracruz via Quimixtlan, Puebla. Good ride with long and interesting off road section. It is "do able" on a GS1200 if the rider has ridden one on gravel before. Not one for those looking for an easy ride but some very good photo ops on the way.
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    This is great Mike, now I have reason #27 for going over east!!!